Chapter 307 - Did He Lose It?

Chapter 307: Did He Lose It?

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Qin Mo lowered his eyes, and his eyelashes quietly brushed his cheeks. His beautiful profile was breathtaking, and while Fu Jiu had her head tilted back, they formed quite a picture.

However, Fu Jiu could feel the Almighty getting closer to her, and his scent even seemed to be becoming more and more vivid for her.

And their breaths seemed to be entangled with each other.

Was she in some sort of illusion?

Fu Jiu tilted her head and asked in confusion, “Brother Mo?”

And just like that, her question quite brutally interrupted the subtle ripples of affection between the two of them.

It was as if Fu Jiu had pressed the pause button on Qin Mo, making him stop his actions.

Their lips were only an inch away.

When he felt her breath gently hitting his face, he finally returned to his senses, but his eyes still seemed dazed.

What is it?

Have I gone insane?

I must have!

Qin Mo pulled himself away abruptly and walked out of the room quickly, as if he was escaping from something. He moved so quickly that it seemed like the sound of the wind could be heard along with his movements.

Fu Jiu was deeply confused.

Why did the Almighty’s attitude suddenly change like that?

And he even went out?


Fu Jiu wanted to open her eyes and see, but the eye cream was still on. She couldn’t see clearly, which is why she missed Qin Mo’s facial expression just now.

What happened?

Fu Jiu couldn’t figure out what was happening, so she simply stood up, and with her practiced sense of direction, she walked into the bathroom.

Although using her hands to wipe the eye cream away was too dirty and unhygienic, she needed to get rid of it first.

Then, she would go after the Almighty…

Qin Mo only wore a white shirt and a pair of black pants. Since he didn’t have his coat on, he looked very young.

Qin Mo didn’t really walk that far. After he was out of the room, those eyes of his calmed down, and he casually leaned against the wall outside of the room to catch his breath.

His thin lips looked sexy and beautiful. As he was thinking, he couldn’t help but curse to himself, “F*ck!”

He needed a cigarette, but the hotel was a nonsmoking area.

So, he simply loosened his collar, and together with his cursing just now, he completely looked like an overly handsome gangster.

Qin Mo had two kinds of extremely distinctive temperaments.

All these years, nothing was really capable of drawing this particular side of him out.

Compared to how he usually looked in his expensive suits, this look suited him more—dark, luxurious, and unrestrained.

But with his outfit right now, he looked like a genuinely wealthy young master.

Furthermore, he also looked like he came from a powerful military family.

He still appeared distinguished, especially his face, which was so tempting that no one could resist it.

Those who were from the compound all said that he could pass by through all the flowers without sparing them a single glance.

Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Then some pretty girl who was walking by saw him leaning against the wall.

She wanted to strike up a conversation with him.

That girl was quite sweet, and she came to the hotel with her friends for fun.

This was a really good hotel because it had its own entertainment facility.

The wealthy people could always stay in their hotel rooms after getting tired from having fun.

Qin Mo knew all of this very well.

Therefore, when that girl came up to him, he didn’t find anything strange.

But obviously, that pretty girl thought too highly of her charms, and she smiled slightly as she invited him, “Hey, handsome, want to have some fun downstairs?”

Qin Mo didn’t give a d*mn about her, and his whole body was telling her to f*ck off.

But that pretty girl was quite persistent. She didn’t want to give up this opportunity because meeting someone this handsome was very rare. “Why aren’t you talking? Ah? Not Japanese? Are you Korean? Chinese?”