Chapter 308 - Party Time with Some Japanese Girls

Chapter 308: Party Time with Some Japanese Girls

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Qin Mo’s posture remained the same. He tilted his head, but he didn’t even look at that woman. He laughed coldly, and just as he was about to say something, they heard the sound of the room door slamming open.

Fu Jiu walked out of the room after cleaning herself up. Then she saw that the Almighty was leaning against the wall together with a… fashionable and pretty girl who had a very hot body and whose eyes were very flirtatious.

Fu Jiu froze for a second. What is happening?

Is she the “girlfriend” who was talking on the phone with him?

No, not quite?

As far as she knew, the Almighty didn’t like girls who dressed in a sexy, hot style.

Nevertheless, he was still a man, and men loved to judge women based on their figures.

But Fu Jiu still possessed the most basic judgment.

For example, that woman had drunk alcohol, and she was buzzed.

Her intentions could be read clearly from her eyes. It was as if she was asking the Almighty, “Wanna f*ck?”

Fu Jiu was in high school, but her true self wasn’t that young anymore.

Therefore, she wasn’t so tripped up over this kind of stuff.

On the other hand, the Almighty wore a devious smile. He had one hand in his pocket, and he lifted his eyebrows.

He seemed to be saying, “What’s up?”

Qin Mo’s casual attitude in which he looked at the youth showed that he didn’t care about this kind of thing.

If his attitude was like it was before… and he had this attitude when interacting with others…

His current casual attitude was one he strategically adopted because he didn’t like people who judged books by their covers.

However, Qin Mo was feeling a bit gloomy now, and his eyes had even cooled down.

Fu Jiu was even more confused.

That girl was trying to fish him?

And the Almighty said yes?

No way…

The two equally handsome people looked at each other as if the girl next to them wasn’t there.

That girl felt that ever since that young man walked out, the man had changed his attitude. Simply put, he became colder.

And the air around him seemed to be frozen.

What happened?

Did they have a fight?

The other pretty girl was quite happy, and she ran over to Fu Jiu cutely. “Wow, you are so handsome! No wonder people say handsome people go together! You are with him, right? Let’s go party, shall we?”

Fu Jiu had one hand in her pocket. She raised an eyebrow and was ready to say no.

But the Almighty spoke up with his calm, emotionless voice…


As Qin Mo said that, his eyes were only focusing at Fu Jiu.

Just like that, the young man could only swallow the words “go away” down his throat and into his stomach. Instead, Qin Mo had followed up with a cold “alright” with that nonchalant face of his.

Fu Jiu was surprised, and she lifted her beautiful eyes. She was not sure if she heard him right.

The Almighty said yes?!

Did she really come out during a bad time, and did the Almighty actually want to go party with them?

“Hahaha, little handsome, you are so cute. Don’t worry, big sister won’t harm you. Just have a few drinks with us, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t do anything to your handsome friend here…”

Japanese girls all talked in a very sweet voice. That was one of their defining traits.

Fu Jiu wasn’t sure about the Almighty’s true intentions, so she didn’t want to say no too early.

After all… this kind of thing was quite normal.

The Almighty walked forward with an indifferent expression, and even the view of his back looked extremely cold and icy…