Chapter 309 - Tokyo Nightclub Time

Chapter 309: Tokyo Nightclub Time

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That pretty girl walking next to Qin Mo was blushing. She didn’t know that this would end up working.

After all, that man wasn’t interested in her at all…

For a moment, she thought he was going to tell her to f*ck off.

But what she had expected didn’t happen. Everything was just her delusions.

She still had her charms!

That pretty girl was quite confident about her looks.

Thinking like that, she looked again at the man beside her.

From her angle, she could perfectly see that man’s smooth jawline and his flawless thin lips.

She wanted to so badly have a taste of those sexy lips…

He was such a rare breed.

Especially when that man looked up, she couldn’t describe that devilish charm of his, and that regal air that he exuded was too freaking handsome!

Her legs weakened just from thinking about it. She got lucky!

Compared to the clubs outside, the hotel lounge was quite decent.

But party places were all similar.

They were luxuriously decorated and extremely over-the-top.

The lights were dim, and there was a row of disco balls hanging from the ceiling.

Then there were the dance floor, the singer, and those rows of different alcohol.

There were many chairs arranged down there, and people were playing dice. Of course, cigarettes were a must!

The girls were all dressed up in sexy outfits. They had probably spent hours doing their makeup and showering in perfume before they came out. Those pretty girls who had their long legs out were all laughing happily, and they were dancing along to the music with flirtatious moves.

The moment Qin Mo entered, he stole everyone’s attention.

It wasn’t hard to figure out the reason at all.

Bringing someone with such a restrained temperament in there was like having the Almighty come down to the demon world, where the desires that greatly tempted people flowed and cascaded.

All the women looked at Qin Mo in a way that was extremely coquettish and intimate—as if they were savoring him with their eyes.

They were hunting for prey; that couldn’t be more obvious, and of course, they weren’t hiding anything. It was a pity that the man had company, and they felt very disappointed.

Then they saw Fu Jiu, who was behind Qin Mo.

Compared to him, Fu Jiu was born for nightclubs.

First, her hair was silver. In addition to that, her devious smile and that black leather jacket she was wearing all matched the environment so well.

She looked like the team leader of a K-pop group, handsome in a bad boy way.

“Gosh! How do they manage to be this handsome!”

“Which group is he from? Did they just debut?”

“Maybe they’re not stars, but they’re still so handsome! God, I want to go take them away! Look, he’s smiling at us!”

The girls couldn’t be more excited. They fervently wished that they were the ones next to that young man.

Fu Jiu acted nice all this time because she wanted to hide her natural demeanor in order to avoid being captured while she was still a hacker.

She would always choose places with crowds.

Like subway stations, internet cafes, and… nightclubs.

Of course, nightclubs were also among her preferences.

They offered alcohol, music, and free fruit platters.

And when you were bored out of your mind, you could always find people to play table games with.

Table games were one of her favorite activities.

As a hacker, she was almost fated to never get close with anyone.

She only played table games together with people that she had met in clubs, and that was one of her favorite leisure activities in her previous life.