Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Qin Mo Asked: Before A Gay Meetup, Are You A Boy Or A Girl?

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Qin Mo’s eyes became deeper, and he didn’t reply for a moment.

Fu Jiu wasn’t in a hurry either. She sat on her chair, tapping her chin with her fingertip, and looked at that chat box.

After about five seconds, a word finally popped up.


Qin Mo typed that.

Fu Jiu was going to ask about the details such as where, when, and how to contact him, but she was interrupted by the other party.

“I’m still in a meeting, let’s talk about the details later.”

He sounded like he was ordering her, replying in such a cold tone without the slightest bit of warmth.

But… he replied to her in the middle of a meeting.

The Almighty really paid attention to her, right?

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips playfully. “Awesome, I’ll wait.”

Qin Mo glanced over that “I’ll wait,” and closed his computer.

The secretary was behind him, and shock was written all over his face.

Did he see it wrongly?

Why did he have the impression that CEO Qin smiled just now?!

When Qin Mo returned to the meeting room, all the higher-ups quieted down at once.

But what did the CEO do during those ten minutes of absence? The curiosity was killing them!

It seemed like he was playing games?

Since when did games become so appealing?!

Qin Mo didn’t pay them any attention. He slowly walked to his expensive armchair made of genuine leather and crossed his legs slightly. His grand aura was extremely suppressing and shocking.

“Go on.”

With that, all of the management gathered themselves and concentrated.

“CEO Qin, from this season’s gaming report, there are fifty companies in the whole city…”

The murmurs in the meeting room faded.

In the Fu residence, Fu Jiu was sitting in front of her laptop. She figured that meetings could take some time, especially evening meetings. They wouldn’t wrap up so quickly.

She gamed for two rounds and got a FC. Then she got ready for a shower with a towel in her hand.

Things can wait after my shower.

On the other end, Qin Mo finished his meeting and reopened his silver notebook computer.

His secretary was standing still beside him. He didn’t dare to speak up or move, but he couldn’t control his eyes.

Although his CEO was at present a sacred existence in the world of electronic gaming nowadays, his CEO had never chatted with anyone while gaming!

What… happened today… This was the second time…he was seeing his CEO typing for the second time now?

“Still there?”

This was what their CEO sent.

But the other party seemed to be AFK.

No reply.

Their CEO didn’t move. He just sat there with his legs crossed and his eyes on the screen.

Is the CEO… going to wait for the other party?

The secretary felt shocked again!

Who the hell was that person who’s interesting enough to make the CEO wait?

“I’m here, I’m here, I was taking a shower.” Fu Jiu saw the notification light as soon as she got out of the shower. She typed with one hand and dried her hair with the other as she replied.

Droplets of water dripped down from her cropped hair. They slid along the side of her androgynous face and seeped into her white shirt. That picture right then and there was extremely appealing.

Qin Mo sat in the huge meeting room, and when he saw the reply, he asked bluntly, “Are you a boy or a girl?”

Fu Jiu paused, and her eyes blinked slightly. “Male.”

After replying, Fu Jiu added another sentence, “What? Almighty Qin, don’t tell me you have a crush on me?”

Hearing that, his cold and lonely black eyes burned up with terrifying flames.

The secretary behind him couldn’t help but cough out severely!

This… this person is ballsy!