Chapter 310 - Buying Qin Mo for the Night

Chapter 310: Buying Qin Mo for the Night

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Oftentimes, she would sit in a booth and play the Werewolf game, watching those who wanted to catch her run right past her.

That feeling was both exciting and fun.

She needed to blend in with the environment to accomplish the perfect disguise, and that had always been part of her principles as a hacker.

In fact, the Fu Jiu from this lifetime did share a few things in common with her.

Such as their love for nightclubs.

But Lord Jiu missed the fact that the old Fu Jiu only went to nightclubs to look at handsome boys.

Actually, most people went to nightclubs to pick up pretty boys or girls and dance the night away together.

Only she would go to nightclubs to play an intellectual table game like Werewolf…

But all of this didn’t affect the pleasure that Fu Jiu got from going to a nightclub again…

If she had continued staying in the same room with the Almighty, she would have been easily exposed.

Besides, playing Werewolf here was fun.

Fu Jiu belonged to the darkness.

As soon as she entered this kind of environment, her eyes brightened up immediately, and when she smiled, all the light seemed to converge into her eyes.

The black stud piercing in left ear was the same color as her leather jacket, and her outfit was exceedingly trendy.

With that face of hers, one could already imagine how cool she looked in there.

Qin Mo felt that the young man was bubbling with joy, and the happier he was, the colder Almighty Qin became.

People who belonged to the darkness would not be devoured by the darkness itself. Rather, they would take control of the darkness and become the light in the dark.

Fu Jiu was such an existence. As she tilted her head, her lips curled up even more.

She looked like a demon that came straight out of a manga. Although she didn’t wear anything like a tuxedo or gloves, her sense of presence wasn’t affected at all.

Of course, Qin Mo would pick a booth to sit in, and Fu Jiu did too.

The booths here had some sofas. The decorations were all in cool shades and gradients with crystals all over them. When the light came in, the box looked outrageously luxurious. The aisles were carpeted, and there was a black box of dice on the wooden table.

Those two pretty girls sat down, and they asked for a dozen bottles of beer and some appealing cocktails.

People said that you would have more fun when you were drinking alcohol.

The woman who was sitting next to Qin Mo played with her hair for a bit and then inched closer towards him.

“You didn’t answer my question just now. Where are you from and what are you doing here? And… most importantly… why are you so cute? Are you from one of those boy bands?”

The light outside couldn’t reach the area inside the booth. Qin Mo swirled the glass in his hand slightly, and his slender fingers held a thin mint cigarette. The smoke rose, and only his white shirt could be seen. He looked lethally sexy.

He didn’t respond.

His left hand paused as he laid his icy eyes on that silver-haired young man, who was busy talking to the pretty girls over there.

In fact, Fu Jiu wasn’t doing anything bad.

She was only looking for people to play Werewolf with.

She needed a few more to start a game.

One game needed at least nine people, and she still had to look for a judge.

She needed to gather ten people in total, so she wasn’t flirting with girls.

That pretty girl realized Qin Mo wasn’t giving a d*mn about her, so she narrowed her eyes and made her voice softer. “I know that boy band members won’t expose their identities easily. How about this: you tell me which group you belong to. As long as you spend the night with me, I will sponsor your group.”