Chapter 311 - Qin Mo Fell for Those Fruity Lips

Chapter 311: Qin Mo Fell for Those Fruity Lips

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Fu Jiu didn’t notice what was happening over on Qin Mo’s side.

But when she looked over… she saw Almighty Qin under the dim lights, and she wondered if he had heard something amusing because his beautiful lips were slightly raised. The coldness in his eyes had also become more apparent.

Qin Mo turned his head, and his cold eyes swept over that woman who was just inches away from him.

He knew very well how attractive this woman was in the eyes of most people.

But to him, she was nothing.

She couldn’t even compare to a third of his little brother.

Even worse was that she made him feel disgusted.

Qin Mo was someone who liked cleanliness and pureness, and whenever he saw a woman wearing lipstick, he would compare her to the youth.

He would always knit his eyebrows together after comparing the two.

“Clean that off.”

That woman was dumbfounded. “What?” Did he really not hear her offer just now?

“Clean whatever that thing on your mouth is off, then maybe I will spend the night with you,” Qin Mo said icily.

He obviously didn’t mean it.

But that woman still laughed out loud, because she loved the challenge he presented!

She wiped her lips gently with some tissues.

Naturally, she wouldn’t get rid of it all.

After all, most women would never want to be seen without their makeup on.

That belief was fundamentally unscientific…

…They believed that they looked more tempting with slightly colored lips.

“All of it.”

He only replied with those three extremely cold words.

That woman paused. Gathering all of her patience, she wiped her mouth again. “What about now? Look at how patient I am with you.”

Qin Mo looked at those bare lips and slowly turned his head towards her.

That woman’s heart was racing. She had never seen a man who posed so handsomely before initiating a kiss.

She was indeed… losing it.

However, before she could throw herself at him, that man pulled away. He looked at her apathetically, and he said emotionlessly, “I can’t.”

That woman’s face was about to shatter!

What the hell does this mean?

Is he playing me?

She took another look at that man’s face and temperament.

She was intoxicated with his unbelievable charm.

“Let’s be more straightforward about this. I know the rules, so name your price for a kiss! I don’t care how expensive you are.”

Qin Mo wasn’t listening. Also, his eyes were already back on that young man.

Rather than not being able to kiss her, he was actually completely uninterested in kissing her…

He disliked her to the extreme.

But why did he… just now in the room… He lost control of himself…

“Brother Mo?” Fu Jiu saw how the Almighty pulled himself away from that girl when he was about to kiss her.

She didn’t know why he reacted that way.

The only thing she could think of was that the Almighty found this woman filthy.

She saw everything just now, including how that woman cleaned her lips twice.

That was obvious!

The Almighty was a neat freak, and no one knew who could be clean and immaculate enough to be his girlfriend.

But he sounded indulgent to the beauty who was on the phone with him…

Fu Jiu was thinking, but after a while, she found herself a bit too snoopy about the Almighty’s personal life.

She shouldn’t think about his life too much.

Qin Mo heard the young man, and his eyes uncontrollably landed on the soft outline of his lips.

He knew those lips so well.

Just a bit closer, and he would be able to smell that light, fruity scent of his.

He smelled very sweet and very clean…