Chapter 312 - The Almighty’s Night Is Being Auctioned Off?

Chapter 312: The Almighty’s Night Is Being Auctioned Off?

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That sexy girl then realized that the man she was talking to had been looking at that young man this whole time, not even sparing her a glance.

And so she couldn’t help but ask another question, “Tell me, how much money do you want? I will sponsor your friend over there too.”

She thought that he would certainly agree with this kind of lavish proposal. She had never been this kind to any man before, because all those men she had met would offer themselves to her automatically.

Fu Jiu thought that the Almighty was interested in her, but after hearing her words just now, she knew that she was trying to buy him for the night.

God, I can’t laugh, but I seriously want to!

“Pretty girl, are you sure you wanna talk to my big brother like this? Money can’t move him.”

Fu Jiu curled her lips up slightly as she walked over, and her eyes were even half-curved in mirth as she casually leaned on Qin Mo.

Her left hand rested on the back of the sofa, looking wild and careless in the dark.

Of course, she was simply too handsome.

All those girls were blushing just from looking at her.

The girl who had tangled herself with Qin Mo said, “Little handsome, I can offer your big brother more than just money—a future. You haven’t had your debut yet, right? I can help you guys appear on popular reality shows and let everyone know about you.”

“But your big brother won’t even spare me a kiss.” That pretty girl looked at Qin Mo, as if she were saying… Why is this man so cold?

Fu Jiu sat back and whistled. She turned her head and looked at the Almighty. “Brother Mo, your kiss is worth an appearance on a TV show now?”

She was planning on teasing him a little.

But… you guys all know the Almighty…

Qin Mo held the cigarette between his fingers, and his eyes seemed to clear a little bit. He said in an indifferent voice, “Someone once bid 10 million to sleep with me, so what’s the big deal with a TV show?”

“10 million?”

That pretty girl frowned heavily. No wonder this man was this arrogant; her price was too low!

Who exactly is that person who’s so rich?

Bidding 10 million just to sleep with someone, is that person insane?

Fu Jiu was speechless, because that someone who had bid 10 million to sleep with Almighty Qin was her!

That was right, it was her!

In the canteen, she was the one who wanted to keep the Almighty after seeing his back!

Fu Jiu, my dear Fu Jiu, why were you so silly?

But this was a thing from the distant past.

Could it be that the Almighty intended to use this against her for the rest of her life?

Qin Mo wasn’t happy in the first place, but as soon as he saw how the young man’s face collapsed, his mood brightened.

Just as he had thought, there was absolutely nothing wrong with him.

Rather, this guy was just too good at flirting, and for a moment, he was muddled by his own feelings. That was all.

Fu Jiu was frustrated. She was utterly frustrated because her feelings were written all over her face, so she became such an easy mark.

That made things even more interesting for Qin Mo. “But, if someone is still offering that price, I will reconsider, because I want to see how he plans to bed me and avoid being bedded himself.”

As he was saying that, Qin Mo leaned in towards Fu Jiu. His shirt was half-open, and his presence was profound. “What do you say, Lord Jiu?”

Fu Jiu completely understood the Almighty’s pace. He even called her Lord Jiu… Seriously… She finally knew why Feng Shang would have goosebumps all over his back whenever the Almighty called him Baby Feng…

Nobody could take it when the Almighty addressed them in such a way…