Chapter 313 - They Are Fond of Each Other

Chapter 313: They Are Fond of Each Other

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That pretty girl really thought that this man really paid way too much attention to that young man.

And then she realized that a little evil fairy was competing with her over a man that she desired, so she gnashed her teeth and set her mind on obtaining Qin Mo. “I have 10 million, but the condition is that you better please me, handsome. I can offer you way more than just money to help you with your future career.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo laughed in a low voice. His eyes moved from that silver hair to a wine bottle, and he only frigidly said two words: “Not interested.”

Because that girl was bluntly rejected in front of so many people, she looked awful.

But everyone else laughed out loud in merriment.

She finally couldn’t control herself and burst out, “You male celebrities sleep your way up, don’t you? How come you are not interested in me?”

Teasing him was one thing, but hearing people insulting the Almighty was another.

Fu Jiu looked up and lifted her eyebrows. “Who told you that we sleep our way up?”

“Stop pretending, just admit it. This is also beneficial to you…” That pretty girl turned mean.

Fu Jiu laughed lightly and put her arm around Qin Mo’s neck. Her black leather jacket grazed the dark wooden table as she leaned forward. In that position, she looked like a mischievous fairy. “Wanna know why my big brother isn’t interested in you? He’s mine; I’m his owner. I was the one who said I’d buy him with 10 million, which means we have money. Understand?”

Fu Jiu kept on smiling as she talked, and her black diamond earring glistened with a mysterious light in the dark, making her appear extremely rebellious.

If this were another occasion, that pretty girl would have fainted from her charm.

But this time was different, because that young man’s words struck her like lightning!

She hated gays the most, and now she actually met one!

That man was so perfect, so how could he be bent?!

She hadn’t even had a shred of suspicion about this possibility.

Now she finally understood the way that man viewed the young man. He looked as if… as if he wanted to eat him right up!

His eyes were so deep that people would find him so sexy just by looking in his eyes.

She thought that this was how that man originally was—that it was his nature.

After all, she had read from books that the more emotionless the man was, the better he was in bed, and the more his needs had to be fulfilled, thus the strong scent of hormones would obviously come from his repressed desires.

She now had a realization. That man’s hormones were for that young man only.

That pretty girl felt that she had not only wasted all of her passion, but she also ended up hitting on a gay man. Her makeup contorted along with her face, and she said with her clenched fists, “You perverts are so disgusting.”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows.

Qin Mo’s eyes simply cooled down.

Before he spoke, the others around them had already been throwing looks of disapproval at that girl. “Can’t she tell that they are fond of each other? And she even started calling people names just because she was rejected?”

“She was outrageous from the beginning.”

“We shouldn’t judge other people’s sexual orientations. Walk away if you don’t approve of them, but never call them disgusting.”

Tokyo was quite open about this, and the people there treated homosexuals very rationally, so they all started discussing among themselves after seeing that girl’s reaction.

She was only reaping what she sowed; she brought it upon herself. And so she left with her expensive purse after throwing the crowd a final vicious stare.

Just you wait!