Chapter 314 - Continuing to Spread Sweets and Flirting

Chapter 314: Continuing to Spread Sweets and Flirting

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That pretty girl’s name was Junko, and she was also a VIP. She came here a lot to play around, so she knew many people here.

She couldn’t bear losing her face like that.

She heard them speak Chinese when they talked to each other earlier.

So from that point, she could glean that they were not from here. Even though they spoke Japanese well, they still couldn’t hide the fact that they were not locals.

Since they were Chinese, she should just cripple them with a good beating.

They wouldn’t spread it around anyway.

Junko walked into the dark, and the girl behind her was still trying to comfort her, “Forget it, Junko, let’s go get better guys. Don’t be angry. You didn’t lose anything to them, right?”

“Who said I didn’t lose anything? They ruined my mood!”

Some people were like this; they felt that the whole world only revolved around them.

Her friend didn’t know what to do, and she couldn’t catch up with her pace, so she went to look for others to have some fun with.

They came here to have fun, so she didn’t have to take any sh*t from Junko. It was a pity that Junko wasted her chances of talking with those two handsome guys.

She knew all about Junko’s tricks, and since Junko was familiar with the gangsters here, giving those two Chinese boys a lesson was a piece of cake for her…

Sigh… What a pity…

The discussion in the booth hadn’t stopped yet.

Especially when they found out that Fu Jiu and Qin Mo were a couple.

Those girls became even more excited.

“I knew such handsome boys wouldn’t be together with Junko.”

“She came to hit on them, but those two are such a great couple! They looked so handsome, especially when that cute young man had his arms on the manly one! It makes me wanna throw him to the bed!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

This is the second time!

This was the second time that people said she was the one on the bottom.

She was acting so manly already.

Come on, girls, look at my gestures, please!

Look at how manly I am! Can you please tell me which part of me screams ‘bottom’?

But sometimes, Fu Jiu really couldn’t figure out why girls would get this excited about such stuff.

Guys being together was no different from guys and girls being together.

Gays did have a lot of relationship problems. They didn’t have a very stable relationship with their partners, and their circumstances were not always as dreamy as those girls imagined!

And a lot of gay people carried AIDS.

Fu Jiu used to live in the States, so she knew all about this. That being said, she personally respected everyone’s sexual orientation. There was an annual homosexual parade in New York City.

And she used to join them just to voice her support for love.

But the Almighty should thank her.

Because she got rid of that annoying fly for him.

Thinking about this, Fu Jiu turned towards him for her reward.

But who knew that the Almighty would raise his hand and drag her over.

His breath was hitting her cheeks, and he flirted with her while wearing a smile that was not a smile. “Since Lord Jiu owns me, I should give Lord Jiu some benefits. Lord Jiu, where do you want to be kissed first? Hm?”

Fu Jiu slowly frowned…

This was not how things were supposed to occur…

The Almighty suddenly turned very perverted.

“Here?” Almighty Qin pointed at Fu Jiu’s forehead with his cold fingertip, and at the same time, he blinked, his eyelashes creating a shadow as they swept downwards. “Here, or…”

“Here then.”

In the end, Qin Mo’s fingertips stopped at Fu Jiu’s lips…

The unique mint tobacco scent of the man suddenly devoured Fu Jiu completely, starting from her lips, and even Fu Jiu couldn’t describe how she was feeling. She just felt frozen… and she had never felt this way before…