Chapter 315 - Lord Jiu Flirts Back

Chapter 315: Lord Jiu Flirts Back

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The feeling of having another person’s fingertips touch her lips…

Fu Jiu had never experienced it before. This was a first for her.

She was startled.

The depths of Qin Mo’s eyes sunk even lower into extreme darkness.

Fu Jiu’s lips looked ridiculously tempting.

The softness on his fingertips was a new sensation to him.

He couldn’t help but move his fingertips back and forth across those lips, and he felt an arousal akin to the anticipation before an intense kiss.

The people around them were all deeply stunned.

At that moment, even the loud music became muffled.

Those pretty girls expected that this scene would end up with an intense French kiss.

They were getting ready to hold their breaths.

But to their surprise, in the very next second, the young man laughed out loud.

His body leaned forward, and his face was extremely close to Qin Mo. “Brother Mo, I’m the one who is raising you, so I should be the one taking the initiative to kiss you.”

After that, Fu Jiu stood up handsomely, and with one hand against the sofa, she bent over with a beautiful posture. Her thin lips inched towards Qin Mo’s chin, and then she kissed him gently.

Qin Mo’s pupils shrank abruptly, and he frowned unconsciously.

That was not a kiss at all. That was totally like a young master who was teasing a beauty he liked.

And then, a light smile emerged on Fu Jiu’s face.

Qin Mo looked at the young man’s face, and his eyes darkened. The movement of those thin lips as they glided over his cheeks was too fast, so he couldn’t properly grasp the sensation. He only felt like his face was tickled by some feathers.

Those lips were so gentle and left a tingling sensation…

Fu Jiu was extremely satisfied with the results this time. The Almighty had an unusual expression on his face. Obviously, he didn’t expect such an action from the young man.

Going back to the situation just now, people who didn’t give a d*mn about others’ opinions such as the Almighty might really kiss her out of anger.

With that being said, flirting back was the best way to get herself out of this predicament.

Besides, two brothers teasing each other was no big deal.

Before the Almighty could employ his frosty methods of dealing with her, she had simply attacked him with a kiss first!

Because she had realized that he was really going to kiss her at any second back then to teach her a lesson.

Therefore, she needed to escape from him first.

Fu Jiu pondered, and just as she was about to withdraw her head, for reasons unknown, the Almighty grabbed her wrist and pulled her back in.

The way he looked at her now didn’t resemble how he usually looked at her–with tenderness–at all. Rather, his beautiful face turned harsh and dark.

What’s happening?

Before Fu Jiu could react, she heard a loud bang !

Something had smashed against Qin Mo’s back and head!

That sound shocked Fu Jiu, and her eyes trembled.

Qin Mo looked down slightly, then he turned his body. His arm was behind her, and he sheltered her with his body.

That man’s black hair was drenched instantly, and his aura of a businessman was gone. He was standing right in front of her eyes, so Fu Jiu could see his eyelashes hang down, giving him both a flattering and wild appearance.

He acted composed as always, and the current situation did nothing to destroy his image.

Fu Jiu still felt shocked, and her heart jumped when he bent over.

Fu Jiu saw the strong man behind him was still holding a wine bottle.

Those loving eyes that were looking at Qin Mo abruptly darkened.

And they turned completely black.

That was the real Fu Jiu.

Qin Mo wasn’t bleeding, but at that moment, he couldn’t stop the young man.

Then he saw the young man stand up in front of him. Without saying a word, he grabbed the wine bottle next to him and smashed it against the other party!