Chapter 316 - Almighty Qin Rocks! Fight On!

Chapter 316: Almighty Qin Rocks! Fight On!

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This time around, there was blood.

Those people who were looking for trouble didn’t have time to block Fu Jiu’s attack.

She kicked one of the gangsters who was kneeling on the floor. Her moves were both fast and ruthless, and her eyes were freezing cold. She was still kicking that one person, and she didn’t have the slightest intention of stopping.

Nobody had expected the young man to be this vicious.

Junko’s face turned pale when she saw this.

She said to the people around her, “What are you doing? Hurry up and fight back!”

Those gangsters responded by swooping towards Fu Jiu.

But before they could reach the young man, a gust of strong wind swept over their faces!

It was Qin Mo. He grabbed a wine bottle from the wooden table with his right hand, and he smashed it onto a person’s head!

His moves were even scarier than Fu Jiu’s.

There was blood on his fingers, but that didn’t affect his composure.

His abdominal muscles were perfectly outlined. After his swinging motion using the bottle in his hand came rounds of cheers and shout-outs from the crowd.

If someone could look overly beautiful while he was fighting…

Then he was indeed a handsome one.

And Qin Mo was someone like that.

His long and slim body, along with his deep eyes and calm face, could freeze the depths of his enemies’ hearts.


A gangster cursed!

Junko didn’t know who she had provoked this time. How come they are so tough to deal with!

Aren’t Chinese people all weak like soft-legged shrimps?

Those gangsters felt that the world was spinning and turning dark because of the severe pain their bodies were under.

However, the man’s attention wasn’t completely focused on them.

Because he cared more about that silver-haired youngster than he did about them.

And only then did those people also realize that the young man hadn’t stopped for a second ever since the beginning of the brawl.

Does he want to kill Kumamoto by kicking him nonstop?

That Kumamoto was a big guy, and he had never had his a** kicked in such a manner before.

He couldn’t fight back, so he covered his head with his hands, but he couldn’t stop the pain from coming his way.

Fu Jiu was too fierce and vicious with the strength of her kicks.


His back was already injured for sure!

“Stop! Stop!”

Kumamoto was begging her to stop kicking him.

Fu Jiu curled her lips up unto a smile and kicked him again with a bang !

Then she handsomely bent over as she picked Kumamoto up, and then she threw a punch right at him!

“You’re asking me to stop? Are you dreaming?”

Fu Jiu admitted that she had lost control of herself.

Because she had never thought that the Almighty would be hurt by anyone. Furthermore, she hadn’t known how she would react once he did get hurt, but now she knew.

Not to mention that he was injured trying to protect her.

And she couldn’t take that.

“Which hand were you using just now?”

Fu Jiu looked at the man who was writhing on the floor. Her eyes were moving, and like a demon from a manga, she questioned him in a low voice like nobody was around, “Is it this one?”

As she was talking, she directed her gaze towards Kumamoto’s right hand. “Or this one?”

“Oh, yeah. I should just break your back because you attacked my big brother on his back, right?”

When Fu Jiu said that, her whole body was screaming, “I’ll kill you.”

And she wasn’t kidding about it…

Her killing intent was real.

At that moment, Kumamoto thought that he was going to die for sure!

Fu Jiu lifted her long leg again with a smile on her face.

But at that moment, she was stopped by an arm reaching towards her.

She was pulled back, and her eyes were gently covered by someone’s hand. In the next second, she was completely surrounded by a cool embrace…