Chapter 317 - Fu Jiu Recovers Her Memories...

Chapter 317: Fu Jiu Recovers Her Memories…

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Just like that, after being pulled in with someone putting their hand over her eyes, she was completely enveloped inside a cool embrace…

When that faint tobacco scent reached her nose, the scent of blood was no longer as distinct as before.

Nobody expected that Qin Mo would stop Fu Jiu at this moment.

That man stood like a beautiful jade statue. He possessed slim, long legs and a pretty face. His white shirt had bloodstains on it, but even so, it couldn’t suppress his innate outstanding presence.

Because he was unique.

If people had to describe him, then he would be a piece of jade so perfectly polished that no evil being could even get near him.

When he covered the young man’s eyes, his low and deep voice would especially become uniquely deeper.

“You want to get him killed? Then do it with your eyes closed. Your eyes are still inflamed, so seeing this much blood is inappropriate.”

Fu Jiu heard him, and her back stiffened. She stopped and quieted down.

She knew that the Almighty was calming her down.

And so calm down she did. Her long legs stood there, no longer kicking. She looked normal again.

After all, there was something about the Almighty that was so calming.

But he was not entirely gentle and tender.

Rather, he had and was more than just that, but she couldn’t describe how.

But Qin Mo shifting his focus towards Fu Jiu gave those men an opportunity to attack him!

Qin Mo wasn’t someone to be messed with. He pulled the young man aside with one hand, and then he lifted his leg to viciously kick those gangsters charging at him onto the floor one after another!

His jacket was creating gusts of wind along with his movements, looking unbelievably domineering as he did so.

And he stopped everyone from attacking him merely with his presence.

Especially that one guy among them who was kicked half to death by Fu Jiu.

They didn’t dare to act boldly anymore.

Fu Jiu’s eyes had been covered all this time, so she saw nothing. She only heard sounds.

The table was utterly ruined, and glass shards were strewn all over the floor.

When the Almighty removed his hand from her eyes, she saw that some people were lying on the ground while others were fleeing. There was no trace of blood on Junko’s pale face.

When she saw Fu Jiu glance at her, she was startled, and she immediately ran away in deep fear.

So scary.

Whether it’s that young man who was kicking someone nonstop.

Or that man those gangsters couldn’t approach.

Those two are so scary!

Fu Jiu only got to see the Almighty throw that man across the floor with one hand.

Why is this person so collected even in a brawl?

Although he had blood on him, he still looked overpowering and domineering.

How weird.

Fu Jiu then realized that she had seen those moves somewhere before…

In a flash, a familiar face flashed across her mind!

Fu Jiu’s heart paused for a second…

She didn’t even chase after that prick Junko…

Instead, she looked up at Qin Mo.

It can’t be.

The Almighty shouldn’t have been to the States yet…

But who can be certain about it?

They’re so similar…

If not because she witnessed today’s incident with her own eyes, Fu Jiu would have almost forgotten all about that person …

Three years ago, she was almost caught by someone.

She was unable to see that person’s face clearly because the lights were too bright, blinding her sight.

She had just finished a job. She had thought she was already safe after mingling in with the crowds and changing her outfit. She even wore a wig, and like a young girl who was going to a masquerade or something, she carried a purse in her hands. She wore a long black robe and had a faint smile on her face as she left those cops behind.

But at this time…