Chapter 318 - A Trip Down the Memory Lane

Chapter 318: A Trip Down the Memory Lane

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The cargo truck turned its headlights on abruptly!

All the lights were like radars that completely locked onto her!

And right after that…

Someone jumped outside of the truck swiftly and handsomely. He was nothing like anyone she had ever encountered.

That person stood with his back against the light. He was wearing a school uniform, which revealed his age.

She could not figure out anything else…

From where she was standing, the lights were too bright, so she was slightly blinded.

He stood there and had one hand in his pocket. He greeted indifferently, “I’ve heard a lot about you, Zero. Or Z.”

Fortunately, she was donning a long black robe, mimicking the biggest terrorist from a cartoon—the grim reaper.

That robe and that black hood provided her a great disguise.

So that nobody could see her face, let alone her expressions.

The cops rushed out from behind her.

And she only heard people ask skeptically, “You sure? This is a lady.”

“Who told you that Z is a man?” That person was obviously a high school kid, but in front of the cops, he appeared to have everything under his control.

“But-but we received information that…” The cops wanted to say something.

That man laughed in a low voice. “Hm, yeah, it’s your information that let Zero run wild for an entire half a year.”

The police: “…” Why is this Chinese man who was hired by F so difficult to communicate with? He’s bullying them because they can’t argue against him, right?

If not for the fact that he was here to catch her, she really wanted to give him a thumbs up. She could even hear the sound of those cops grinding their teeth together.

But that man came here to catch her… So this became another story altogether.

She could still differentiate between an enemy and a friend.

Even though she really admired that person’s intelligence, that kind of intelligence was no good for her.

She had never encountered anyone this tough to deal with; he already cut her halfway on their very first meeting. Since when did this person arrive in the States? She hadn’t heard anything about him.

But they were still in the States, and this was her territory, so how could an outsider catch her like this in her own turf?

She had a Plan B for everything, and that had been her style since day one.

She didn’t look up, and instead, she raised her right hand with a smile on her face. “Smith, you should recognize what this is.”

Smith was in charge of the area around Fifth Avenue, and when he saw the thing in Z’s hand, his facial expression made a complete one-eighty.

“Bomb, a time bomb!”

She chuckled lightly. “That’s right, it’s a time bomb. Since you guys found me, here’s your reward from me. I’ll let you choose: either you catch me or dispose of the bomb.”

Smith gritted his teeth. Obviously, protecting the people in the area was more important!

“Don’t listen to her. There’s no bomb.” That person was abnormally calm.

And that composure of his startled her heart. If the cops weren’t going to fall for her trap, then there was no way for her to escape.

That person looked at her, but his face was blurred out by the light.

For the first time, she felt the pressure of the situation. If not for Hoshino showing up in time, she might have been caught. Luckily, God was on her side. “Smith, where did you find this guy? He has no trust in people at all. You know me; I mean what I say, and I always give advance notices, heh…”