Chapter 319 - Made from Destiny

Chapter 319: Made from Destiny

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Beads of sweat covered Smith’s forehead after he heard what Z had just said.

It was true that Z’s style was to leave an advance notice before every operation.

And she would tell everyone why she was doing it across different platforms.

The people she hacked were all big villains.

But even so…

Doing that was challenging their authority.

So they had to catch Z.



Smith couldn’t decide.

But that person insisted, “She wouldn’t put a time bomb here. All the previous cases show that this person would never hurt citizens during her mission. She’s just playing mind games with you.”

Smith gaced a huge dilemma, and he couldn’t decide.

Even though this person they hired was a psychologist, what if Z had really planted a time bomb in the area?

What if Z really put a time bomb in the area?

Fifth Avenue was the busiest area in the whole city; therefore, an explosion would ruin everything!

This Z was really cunning. She chose to proceed with her mission at the busiest places every time.

“Since Mr. Smith can’t decide, I shall stir up a little trouble.”

She knew very well that Hoshino was ready on his side, and so she moved her finger.


And they heard the sound of an explosion nearby!

Smith’s face changed, and he shouted, “Stop! Z, stop!”

“Just wait, this is just the first one. I still have seven or eight more around the area. I just said a while ago that I’m letting you choose, and if you fire your guns, I’m afraid you might ignite the little bombs…”

Oh… f*ck!

The only thing that came into Smith’s mind was that curse word!

She’s such an a** when she talks!

At that time, she knew she was about to succeed after seeing Smith’s expression, so she put her hand behind her back and touched the magnet that was stuck on her back. You always needed a few props when making an escape.

And she was right. Smith’s face turned green after hearing her words, and he shouted, “Cease fire!”

Explosions would create chaos, and people were not so calm about bombs anymore, so as soon as they heard that there was a bomb within the vicinity, they would run like crazy, thinking they were being attacked by terrorists.

At that moment, she tore the magnetic device viciously from her back, and it generated a huge suction, easily pulling her back more than ten meters. Her whole body was stuck onto a motorcycle—a moment for celebration.

She would be lying if she told people that hitting the motorcycle didn’t hurt at all, but the most important thing was that she managed to escape.

Because obviously, when she was “flying” back, someone had his eyes on her like a hawk.

He was too dexterous and fast; therefore, she remembered him up to this day.

If not for the fact that she managed to escape with her Plan B, he would have almost caught her with his swift and decisive moves.

In actuality, at that time, he did manage to grab ahold of her long sleeves. However, the fabric was too fragile.

And so, someone like her, whose face had never been seen by anyone before, ended up leaving a trace behind that people could follow.

And that was her long and smooth hair, which was revealed to the outside world.

She couldn’t care less at that moment, and she could only hear the cops talking frenetically, “F*CK! We got played by that Z again! There is no f*cking bomb! Just some firecrackers! The sound just now was a firecracker!”

She had thought that she would have more troubles later on, but to her surprise, when she resumed her missions after a couple of days, that person was already long gone.

And that person’s identity was indeed a mystery.

Even she couldn’t get any information about that person.

But she knew one thing for sure: he was from China.

Fu Jiu came back to earth and looked up again at Qin Mo. Then she saw that his white shirt was stained with blood..

Could that person possibly be… the Almighty?