Chapter 32 - Give You a Taste of Liking Someone!

Chapter 32: Give You a Taste of Liking Someone!

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This… this person is ballsy!

Wouldn’t CEO simply slaughter him in his rage?

Secretary Liang planned to go home early, but now he changed his mind and stayed.

Seeing his CEO getting teased was way more interesting than watching TV shows.

Unfortunately, just as he made this decision, Qin Mo took his notebook laptop and said to him in an indifferent voice, “Secretary Liang, since you enjoy company drama that much, please stay here and work overnight. I will come back to check on the results tomorrow.”

Secretary Liang: ” … ” CEO, you can’t do this to me!!!

Qin Mo pressed on the elevator’s button, walked into the break room on the rooftop, and lifted the corner of his mouth. A smile blossomed, like an eternal ice flower in the north pole.

Fu Jiu sent over a “?” after not seeing a response.


Just as Qin Mo sat beside the floor window and reopened his notebook, he saw this message.

He slowly replied, “I am not interested in guys, but if you are a girl, I will give you a taste of how I like someone.”

He typed “like” with extra strength!

It was absolutely not anything innocent.

Fu Jiu understood the hidden message and felt heat burning in her cheeks.

In order to not spoil the relationship before their meeting, Fu Jiu cleverly switched topics, “So, at what specific time will you be free tomorrow, morning or afternoon?”


Another one-word message. Fu Jiu mused to herself that this man was a man of few words unless she upset him.

Fu Jiu looked at her watch. “Then let’s meet after school. My last class will finish at 6 p.m. I can be at that Lan Ning Cafe around University A at 6:15 p.m., be there or be square.”

With that, Fu Jiu went offline.

To her surprise, there came another message, which was not so warm. “Hold on a sec.”

“Hm?” Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow.

Qin Mo’s eyes were indifferent. “Why do you want to meet up?”

“Well, it does kind of bother me being chased like that.” Fu Jiu sent this over, putting down her towel and waiting for a reply. Of course, she couldn’t say the true reason online.

Qin Mo only replied, “Heh.”

He was rather cold. Obviously, he didn’t buy that at all.

Then he added, “Give me your contact info.”

Fu Jiu was thinking about that too. She didn’t want to give him her cell phone number, so she gave him her WeChat ID: “SPADEZ”

“Got it,” the other party replied again, and this time, without any punctuation.

The words were truly like the person himself, so arrogant.

It seemed that this Almighty CEO wasn’t interested in talking to her any longer.

After all, girls were more popular in the world of games.

However, she had seen him already.

She would just ask for Qin Mo once she arrived at the cafe.

What if Almighty Qin got a VIP room or something and didn’t give out any information?

That was fine; she would just use WeChat.

After she had figured that all out, Fu Jiu turned off her laptop and went to bed. She didn’t have her phone with her, so she didn’t know that at this time, three friend request notifications popped up on her phone, waiting to get her confirmation…

On the rooftop of Qin Corporation, outside the ceiling-to-floor window, the whole city was lit up at night, which was reflected inch by inch in Qin Mo’s eyes.

He held the wine glass with one hand and looked at his phone screen. His eyes turned cold bit by bit…

Still not confirmed?

Nice, very nice!

Just watch how he would fix “him” up well tomorrow when they met!