Chapter 320 - The Two of Them Went Out Together

Chapter 320: The Two of Them Went Out Together

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Qin Mo lowered his eyes and realized that the young man was looking at him. He didn’t know why, but the young man seemed a bit zoned out.

After processing everything that happened just now, he thought that the kid might just be stunned.

That’s right. The Almighty believed that his little brother was scared by all of this.

And that conclusion was brought about by his overprotectiveness of his little brother.

Qin Mo automatically ignored how brutal Fu Jiu was when she was kicking that guy.

The young man looked silly now, and with a little blood on his face, he looked no different than a little child.

Even though he looked ridiculously handsome, he still looked rather silly.

Qin Mo’s gaze became warmer and warmer as he thought about the young man. He then took his wallet out and threw money on the table for repairs to the bar.

He gave away so much money that the hotel bodyguards who came down here didn’t know what to do with it.

The wine and the rest of the mess on the floor weren’t even that expensive.

Qin Mo grabbed onto Fu Jiu and left the noisy crowds behind them like nothing else existed in this world aside from the two of them.

The disco balls were still shining, and the music was still accelerating.

People would usually consider someone who was wearing a white shirt in a nightclub to be overly conservative.

But if that person was the Almighty, then it was different.

Like a lotus blossoming from the earth while still remaining clean and pure, he looked like a god who was descending from above and who had no worldly desires.

On the other hand, that young man looked extremely mischievous, like an evil spirit. His black leather jacket and his silver hair made him undergo a fantastic transformation into a beautiful demon.

The two of them were equally excessively gorgeous, but at the same time, the both of them were so different in their own ways.

Like black and white, the huge contrast between them created an incredible visual impact.

And the hearts of those dirty-minded girls who were in the crowd were jumping out.

The way they are holding hands is so incredibly sweet!

Awww… Where is this domineering man taking this young man?!

And that fight just now! It was so exciting!

They were so handsome that, even up to now, the girls couldn’t believe that such beautiful people existed in the world when they saw Qin Mo’s profile.

Hearing the sounds of heavy breathing around them, Fu Jiu curled her lips up.

Being with the Almighty could be really fun.

Even fighting became a hundred times more interesting.

The bodyguards didn’t even stop them.

And they smashed things everywhere, with the floor ended up being covered by glass shards.

The Almighty must be someone who loved creating trouble in nightclubs!

However, Fu Jiu was wrong about that point.

Qin Mo never fought in Jiang City.

Besides, unless that person had a death wish, which idiot would dare stir up a fuss with Young Master Qin?

Qin Mo only went to nightclubs when he couldn’t sleep.

When those young masters from other military families sat together, nobody dared to get near Qin Mo.

Especially because everyone knew that he didn’t like being touched.

They didn’t even dare to arrange girls for him.

They already did that before.

At that time, Qin Mo took out his cigarette, causing people to scatter.

That was the messiest year for Qin Mo, but he didn’t do anything outrageous.

It was then that people started thinking that Young Master Qin was into guys and thus stopped sending him girls.

Qin Mo laughed. He swirled the glass in his hand and said in gentlemanly manner, “I’m a functional male, so I don’t need another person with the same function. I’m not interested, so f*ck off!”

That was what he told those young masters from other military families.

Soon, he stood up and then fixed his shirt. He turned back into that inviolable Young Master Qin.

It looked like a joke, but it was full of warnings à la Qin Mo.

And after that, nobody ever dared to bring girls for him, let alone boys.

Going back to the present, according to past experiences, the Almighty would drag Fu Jiu into the room directly and interrogate her about things like where she learned her moves from…