Chapter 321 - Still Afraid

Chapter 321: Still Afraid

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Unexpectedly, the Almighty brought her towards a corner and looked back at her. In a soft voice, he asked, “Are you still afraid?”



Fu Jiu didn’t react for a moment.

But, by chance, she remembered her own stupid little expression just now.

Then, in accordance with the Almighty’s words, she immediately said, “Kicking that person was nothing serious, but after seeing too much blood just now, I feel a little dazed all of a sudden.”

Qin Mo stopped walking and turned his head to look in her direction.

The distance between the two people became so close that even the Almighty’s breathing seemed to hit her face.

At the time, Fu Jiu was thinking that he might have seen through her lies.

But she only saw the man raise his hand and wipe her face with his typical indifference, and like a big brother, he advised, “Then don’t look at the blood. It’ll just be a waste of eye drops.”

Fu Jiu: “…Is this logic even correct…”

But whatever the Almighty just said, Fu Jiu thought about how she luckily remembered the events just now while wearing that dazed expression of hers.

Otherwise, with the Almighty’s smarts, he would have probably treated her differently.

After returning back to the room, the Almighty really administered the eye drops for her once again.

Although the tingle this time was not as strong as it was earlier, she still felt bitter.

After administering the eye drops on her, the Almighty directly turned the lights off, then he went back to his own side of the bed.

Fu Jiu didn’t ask why. She closed her eyes, but she could still hear the rustling.

According to Fu Jiu’s character, she would definitely want to unlock that one doubt that was always lingering in her heart.

But it was just too unrealistic if she were to ask him directly, “Brother Mo, have you ever been to Fifth Avenue?”

Then the Almighty might just notice something, and she would end up exposing herself.

Therefore, asking questions was a skill.


Now that she was alive under the identity of Fu Jiu, she should just let go of the things in the past, at least for now.

Because currently, she had found some things that she prioritized more than catching those hideous people.

Those things included letting He Honghua enjoy a happy life, treating her friends well, and entering the national tournament with the Almighty and the others to fight against the competition together shoulder to shoulder.

Fu Jiu didn’t know who the person was that said, in this world, crimes cannot be eradicated.

Just as there is light, there is always shadow.

Actions comes from the heart. When people are cruel to others, it must be because they want to protect their important ones.

If not, they would not steal, insult, prick, and scheme.

Little by little, these actions change into the darkness, which will eventually become devils.

She had met too many cases in her previous experience—people who committed crimes regardless of gender or age.

Even high school students could still smile proudly after bullying the people in their school.

Even middle school students could still pretend to be very poor after stealing things.

Not to mention some adults.

However, the truth always makes people feel tired or sick.

When you gaze into an abyss, the abyss also gazes right back at you.

Those words have always been so reasonable.

Once upon a time, Hoshino was worried about her for a long time.

He was worried that she wouldn’t be able to control herself and would punish those criminals in other ways.

In fact, even Fu Jiu herself was afraid that she would become unscrupulous and just kill the people that she wanted to kill off in her mind.

This was just like her earlier state today, which was very cruel and vicious.

The Almighty was really someone who could find ways to stop her.

As Fu Jiu thought of this, she turned her head and smiled, and her mind was more relaxed.