Chapter 322 - Come and Sleep Here

Chapter 322: Come and Sleep Here

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If the Almighty was that person, it would have mattered less.

Because in the eyes of that man, she would always be a woman.

But right now, she was a boy.

As she thought about it, Fu Jiu lay down on the bed.

According to her deductions, the identity of Fu Jiu gave her great protection.

So she must not let the Almighty know that she was a girl.

If the Almighty was indeed that person, considering his method of doing things, then he must have already investigated her the first time.

Thinking in this way, after knowing that she was an expert in hacking when he saw her in the game, it made sense that the Almighty went after her to catch her.

Was it simply because she could play games?

Fu Jiu was left with a lingering question.

If it wasn’t due to the game, then did the Almighty instead harbor doubts because she was Spade Z?

That would explain why he always targeted her whenever he talked to her.

Besides, he’d always appreciated her.

After checking out her background, he had probably discovered that Fu Jiu herself hadn’t been to Fifth Avenue and was just a high school student who just happened to be Spade Z.

Hence, what a good identity to be a high school student.

The more Fu Jiu thought about it, the more complacent she became.

As Qin Mo was lying on the other bed, he didn’t hear any noise at all on her side. He sat up with his long legs planted on the ground and asked in an indifferent voice, “Are you still afraid?”

Hearing Qin Mo’s question, Fu Jiu knew that the Almighty must have misunderstood something.

But if she said that she was not afraid at this point, she would really end up giving herself away.

“Yes, a little bit. A bloody picture always appears before my eyes.” Fu Jiu had to answer in this way.

She did indeed dislike blood. Only when she replied back did she realize that she had overexerted herself in the fight.

Fu Jiu could hardly imagine the consequences if the Almighty hadn’t pulled her into his arms and covered her eyes.

Was she about to crush that man’s internal organs?

Fu Jiu shook her head, as if trying to get rid of all these emotions.

The issue should have been a serious thing originally, but who could have expected that the Almighty would then say, “Come and sleep here if you’re too afraid.”

Fu Jiu was shocked.

She was not shocked because of that sentence, but because of the Almighty’s cold tone, which seemed to imply, “It’s only because you’re my little brother. Otherwise, I wouldn’t indulge anyone by allowing them to touch my bed.”

Fu Jiu shook her head decisively and said, “Brother Mo, my sleeping habits are not good. It’s good enough for me to know that you’re nearby.”

Go and sleep there?

Hehe, is he kidding?

Was it a trap for her?

The Almighty must be coaxing her like a baby again. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said something like, “Come and sleep here if you’re too afraid.”

Unfortunately, in Qin Mo’s eyes at that time, she was simply like a rebellious young boy who was trying to be brave.

Qin Mo was thinking of leaving the young man with some self-esteem, so he turned to the side and flicked on the lamp.

Fu Jiu didn’t open her eyes at this point, but she could feel the soft lighting.

How strange. There actually existed such a man in the world who was icy cold and black-bellied, but also gentle to the bones.

The prerequisite to see such a sight was to be his little brother.

Thinking about it, Fu Jiu couldn’t help but sigh in her heart.

The more she hid things from the Almighty, the stronger he would retaliate back once he knew her secret.

Hence, let the intensified training camp finish faster.

Although Tokyo was beautiful, staying in the same room was very dangerous!