Chapter 323 - Untitled

Chapter 323: Untitled

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The next day, the sky was not yet completely bright.

Fu Jiu was simply standing in the bathroom, and she started checking if there was something wrong with her.

After experiencing yesterday’s events, she became more vigilant.

She had the door locked, and as she faced the mirror, she bound the bandages around her body and then put on her sweater and her coat.

After washing her hair, it looked even fluffier.

When she pushed the door open, she only saw the face of the Almighty, who was sleeping peacefully.

She saw his appearance. He had two hands resting on his chest. The shadows that gathered around when his eyelashes hung down made him look extremely regal.

Thanks to having such good genes, the appearance of the Almighty actually looked like this.

Anyway, while the Almighty was sleeping, the business Fu Jiu had to attend to first was to take her phone out to have a look.

She still had not yet replied to Baby Feng’s message in WeChat from yesterday.

However, she never thought that once she had the phone in her hand, Baby Feng’s urgent call wouldn’t show up on the screen. Instead, it was his big brother, Manager Feng, that called.

Manager Feng said very straightforwardly, “Z, log in to your Weibo and post some pictures. Don’t learn from CEO Qin. That guy has abandoned his Weibo.”

Fu Jiu thought this over again, and she replied, “He doesn’t love to post, but I can post for him. What do you think?”

Manager Feng was still in the domestic airport and was planning to get on the plane to fly to Tokyo.

After dealing with things in Jiang City, he would definitely go to Tokyo to watch over this friendly match. Although it was called a friendly match, its meaning just changed completely once you thought about how it could make the country’s reputation collapse.

If they lose here, would they have the nerve to attend the national tournament?

Manager Feng only thought about this originally. Looking at the Wechat now, he immediately replied, “You’re posting for CEO Qin? Are you sure?”

“Of course. I already had the Almighty’s password from last time. Isn’t he just using the same password for the game?” Fu Jiu lay back on the bed lazily with a lollipop in her mouth and her phone in her hand. She thought she saw through him and his interests.

Manager Feng thought for a while. Considering CEO Qin’s indulgence towards Spade Z, posting for him should be okay, so he agreed decisively, “You post! Include pictures!”

Fu Jiu smiled lightly and answered, “No problem.”

I’ll include pictures. With the artistry of photography.

Presumably, the Almighty doesn’t like showing his face to the public, but it would be such a waste if Qin Mo’s fans couldn’t enjoy the benefits of seeing this unprecedented sleeping face.

And so, Fu Jiu got out of the bed on purpose, leaned her body in, and took photos of Qin Mo from right to left. By using the early morning light, which misted through to illuminate his beautiful profile, she only left one clear angle that could simply make people imagine how handsome the person in the photo was once they saw the picture.

Of course, she included that handsome and dignified sleep position.

Such an image of the Almighty was simply too pure, just like the the dawn blending together with the day.

Initially, Fu Jiu’s eyes were smiling. After seeing the photos she had taken, she paused for a moment.

There was no need for her to ask again.

She was almost sure that the Almighty was the person from that year because the angle at which his chin curved was highly consistent with her memories from three years ago.

She couldn’t see his face clearly, and so she had also once asked who this person was.

Now, she had the answer all of a sudden.

However, Fu Jiu also paused again for a moment.

Now that she had figured yesterday’s issue out, worrying over it was completely unnecessary.

And the main point was that she had recognized the Almighty, but he failed to recognize her… So it was all good.

In a good mood, Fu Jiu opened the official Weibo page and simply posted four words along with the photos she took just now: “Early morning’s sleeping face.”