Chapter 324 - Beauty in the Prosperity of the World

Chapter 324: Beauty in the Prosperity of the World

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At this moment, she needed to thank Manager Feng for his follow-up measures when Almighty Qin forgot his password for his official Weibo, because he had directly changed Almighty Qin’s password into his game password.

Thus, Fu Jiu’s work went so smoothly.

Of course, she had other ways to access and open his account.

As long as she took Almighty Qin’s business laptop, she could find the previous records and break down the code.

However, now that she had discovered that the Almighty was the person who had made her suffer a loss in the past, Fu Jiu would not leave any traces at all this time around.

The Almighty was extremely smart; thus, she needed to take some precautions.

But as soon as she shared the picture, all of Qin Mo’s fans exploded!

“WTF, what did I see! What did I see!”

“It’s still early in the morning. I just came here to clock in and check on Almighty Qin. I never imagined that Almighty Qin would post on Weibo, but what’s the meaning of this?! A picture? A picture of him sleeping? Hehe, I must be dreaming!”

“It’s the first time Almighty Qin has ever shared a moment. Wow, he’s so handsome! Why does Almighty Qin look so inviolable even when he’s sleeping? I am going to swing the other way!”

The man who was upstairs went crazy. “Take me along! I’m also swinging the other way!”

“Ohh, my nose is bleeding…”

Not only were Qin Mo’s fans like this.

The members who also got up early all felt muddled, and and they forwarded the post. “Captain, what’s wrong with you? Captain?”

“Horrible!” As soon as Lin Feng refreshed his Weibo, he shouted towards the bathroom, “Cloud Tiger, come on! Get out and see whether the captain suffered a concussion!”

Cloud Tiger walked out half-naked, wearing only a pair of black trousers. As such, the man’s abdominal muscles were perfectly shown, with steam floating around him. “What’s the matter?”

“Look at this picture.” While Ling Feng was being jealous about Cloud Tiger’s figure, he raised his mobile phone to let him have a look.

Cloud Tiger quickly looked up and also paused.

Captain… posted a picture?

On Weibo? And it’s also a picture of him sleeping?

“WTF! Does Supreme Alliance finally plan to use Qin Mo’s beauty to fight for territory?” This was posted by Black Kurosaki, who had placed third in the nationals. “This is unforgivable. Why does the world judge using faces! It’s unfair! It’s really unfair!”

Black Kurosaki also had the nickname big black fatty.

And as soon as people saw him talk, they were delighted.

There was a wise netizen who commented, “Behave well, big fatty. Don’t make trouble. Comparing his figure to yours, you’re bound to lose.”

“…” Big black fatty looked at his beefy arm and beer belly, and then he took a look at the man on the picture who could directly go to a magazine shoot. He felt that he was hurt thousands of times over!

“Hahaha, don’t be sad, big fatty. Come and cry on uncle’s shoulders.” COCO had always liked to play online. When he heard that their captain posted a picture on Weibo, he rushed up to join in the fun.

Black Fatty: “…Go away!”

Of course, apart from these, there was a post that received a lot of attention because the person who shared it was none other than Xiao Jing, who was the captain of the team that had won the national championships. His comment was very consistent with his curtness. He just sent out a question mark.

By the way, there were also fans who wanted to ship Qin Mo and Xiao Jing together. When they saw Xiao Jing post on Weibo, they became crazier!

“Big Xiao, you should just admit it. Is it true that you only care about Almighty Qin?”

“Seeing the picture of Almighty Qin sleeping, you’re unable to control yourself. Right, that’s Big Xiao’s style.”

“Wait a moment. Uhh… Is it only me who wants to ask who took this picture…?”