Chapter 325 - Who Posted the Picture?

Chapter 325: Who Posted the Picture?

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Exactly. Who posted the picture?

Especially since it was taken at this angle and under this lighting. This person obviously knew that Almighty Qin hated showing his face in public; therefore, this person had purposefully blurred out his face. Only the Almighty’s strikingly beautiful facial structure could be seen, as well as his exquisite and noble temperament.

This picture of Almighty Qin sleeping was so ethereal that all of Qin Mo’s fans naturally neglected a very important problem.

After someone’s reminder, here came another wave of heated discussion!

“Little beauties, as a professional selfie taker who was born in 2018, let me tell you with confidence that there is no way one can take a selfie at this angle, not even with a selfie stick, unless… it was taken by someone else.”

“And even if Almighty Qin did take a selfie, he would never use a selfie stick.”

“To conclude the discussion from the upper two floors, this picture was one hundred percent taken by someone else! So, who is this person?”

“From the picture, we can easily tell that Almighty Qin was asleep. But that person was there while Almighty Qin was sleeping… Then who the hell is this person?”

“I have a huge tip-off. Isn’t Supreme Alliance training in Tokyo right now? I heard that they are sharing rooms. Go figure it out.”

“As far as I know, Almighty Qin would definitely have a room all for himself! My Almighty Qin is a total neat freak when it comes to sharing rooms with others, and the whole universe knows that!”

“Maybe it’s Manager Feng. That’s the only answer I can think of.”

“No way. Do you think that there’s any chance that Almighty Qin would actually open his door for Manager Feng to take a picture of him while he is sleeping? Almighty Qin would only give Manager Feng a cold smile and tell him to f*ck off, so there’s no way it could be him.”

That was right!

This was the very reaction that their captain would have!

Manager Feng acted like a little kitty in front of their captain. Perhaps he himself knew that he was no match for the captain in all sorts of ways.

Then, who was it?

At that moment, even Lin Feng, a team member, couldn’t figure out who took this picture.

According to their room arrangements yesterday, Captain did get a single room.

It was 8:20 in the morning… At this hour, who would dare to step into Captain’s room?

Only Student Feng, who was in the suite, instantly figured out who took the picture after seeing the Weibo post!

The one who took it could very possibly be… his idol!


Why did Almighty Qin take his place and role in every single possible way!

In his imagination, it was he who should have woken up with his idol in the morning light, posting selfie pictures together while freshening up!

His big brother gave him this assignment of posting on Weibo every day to amass popularity.

And now… Student Feng needed a moment to console himself in his deep sorrow!

On the other end, Fu Jiu logged out after posting that picture, and she sent an ‘okay’ to Manager Feng.

Manager Feng did see that post, but he didn’t reply.

He looked up in silence, and he saw that the gloomy sky was overcast and hazy outside of Jiang City Airport.

This had nothing to do with him anymore.

He was flying away.

So… Little Spade, good luck.

Fu Jiu thought that Manager Feng had boarded already after she didn’t see any reply come from him. She didn’t find it weird. Instead, after getting up, she directly pulled a lollipop from the bedside and put it in her mouth.

She heard that Hero had just released its mobile version, and she was thinking of downloading it and logging in to grind more.

In the meantime, all the fans on Weibo had turned into detectives of some sort!

Even the players from other teams could no longer contain their thirst for more gossip, so they texted Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was pulling his short hair, and he was trying to put on a nice face. “You all came to ask me, but how I wish I knew who this person is!”