Chapter 326 - The Big Spade

Chapter 326: The Big Spade

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Meanwhile, Cloud Tiger took another look at the picture on Weibo, and as he drank from his bottled mineral water, he said, “I have a close guess for this one.”

“You do?!” Lin Feng jumped up out of excitement, and he grabbed onto Cloud Tiger’s arm tightly as he asked, “Who? Who was it!”

Cloud Tiger looked down at the picture and glanced over at the fair collarbones of the other party. He knitted his eyebrows slightly and then zoomed in on the picture. “Be patient. Keep looking and you will find gold.”

“Why don’t you just tell me already if you know!” Lin Feng wanted to pull on his hair again out of sheer frustration!

Cloud Tiger then pulled his clothes on over his head. “Because I’m taking this as a great opportunity to train your slow brain. Here’s a little hint for you: Captain wasn’t sleeping alone last night.”

As soon as Lin Feng heard this, he gave up on getting an answer from Cloud Tiger.

Captain wasn’t sleeping alone?

How shocking!

“What gold is there to find?”

Lin Feng touched his chin. He looked at the picture on Weibo with his big round eyes, but he simply couldn’t find any gold.

The only thing worth gold was Captain himself. Even though his face was blurred, that lighting enhanced his facial structure and produced a gentle shadow like the broken wing of an angel. Bathed in this sacred aura, he dazzled everyone’s eyes.

Who would be able to see anything else with THAT in the picture?

But this related to how people evaluated his intelligence, so it was a big deal to him.

Lin Feng completely buried his head into the picture and examined every inch of it!

He still couldn’t see anything!

But his being unable to see it didn’t mean that some clever couple fans couldn’t!

And, of course, those included Qin Mo’s longtime fans, who were extremely cunning.

“Little beauties, take a closer look. Don’t you find this picture strange?”

“What’s strange about it?”

“Look at this screenshot, and look at this arrow pointing to that lollipop on the bedside table, which also has a black ring and a small bottle of eye drops on top of it. Let’s set aside the issue of the eye drops first, and let’s talk about the lollipop and the black ring… The Almighty never wears any rings, okay? Even if he does now, and he happened to buy one that he likes a lot in Tokyo, how can we explain the lollipop? The Almighty hates eating snacks, not to mention eating a lollipop. You tell me… just whose lollipop is this?”

“I’m just a passerby with a tactful answer.”

“This is a whole bowl of dog food for a single dog like me. It’s still morning, and I’m not yet even completely awake. I can’t deal with all this damage right now, so I’m heading to work. And yes, the answer is tact!”

“Wait a second, brothers and sisters up there. Why don’t I understand? What do you mean?”

“It’s obvious. The owner of that lollipop shared the room with Almighty Qin last night, and he was also the one who took that picture… You should know it.”

“As a fan of Big Spade, I must say I totally get it!”

“Count me in as another person who also gets it!”

“My Big Spade is acting naughty again! This is all too sweet for me to handle!”

Some young fans were still confused, and some still believed that Almighty Qin took it himself and that there was no need to drag other people into this.

“Why do some of Spade Z’s fans always want to associate Spade Z with our Almighty Qin so badly?”

However, the truth was that it was Qin Mo’s longtime fan who shared this inference first, not Spade Z’s.

Obviously, their Almighty Qin was sleeping with Spade Z. There was nothing left to talk about further.

After all, they liked Qin Mo wholeheartedly, and they didn’t want to create trouble for him; therefore, they ignored this person who was trying to create conflict.

However, this person became infuriated because no one was giving her a d*mn, so she added, “You all look over here. Stop associating my Almighty Qin with Spade Z, understand?”