Chapter 327 - Accomplice

Chapter 327: Accomplice

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Seeing this comment, Spade Z’s fans felt very uncomfortable, but after the incident last time, they became much calmer. Instead of arguing back, their first reaction was to go and ask the head fan for her opinion.

“Sister Turtle, what shall we do? Almighty Qin’s fans are accusing us of involving the Almighty again.”

Sister Turtle was the fan from before who had acted with prudence and rationality, and she replied decisively, “Don’t react for now. After this issue, we are even more certain that Big Spade has a strong bond with Almighty Qin, and Almighty Qin has always protected our Big Spade. If that’s the case, then we shouldn’t let other people and their words affect these two’s relationship. As for whoever took that picture, I believe we all have the answer to that. Big Spade is giving out candies today, so we should just be happy and accept them graciously. Don’t even bother with this kind of attention wh*re. Rather than damaging their relationship, we should all line up and mention Big Spade on Weibo just to tease him a little.”

If Manager Feng, who was currently on the plane, knew that this issue was resolved in such a manner, he would totally praise Sister Turtle’s style of doing things.

How insightful!

Most of Spade Z’s fans followed these instructions, but there were still a few who were saying things that would fuel the argument further.

But the most ridiculous thing came from this person.

Someone who claimed to be Spade Z’s fan came out and said, “Sorry, guys. My Big Spade was being neglectful. I now realize how much trouble this thing has caused for those of you who are Qin Mo’s fans. I promise that I will lecture all of Spade Z’s fans about this later.”

One person instantly responded to this Spade Z fan, “No worries, honey. Thanks for being understanding about the whole thing. XOXO.”

After seeing this, all of Spade Z’s fans flared up in anger!

What was happening?

What did their Big Spade do to warrant his apology?

That person was totally a little schemer. He was too sly and narrow-minded for his age. “I confess I had an attitude, but let me be clear about one thing: I like Spade Z too, but he doesn’t necessarily have to be associated and entangled with the Almighty all the time.”

“Yup, you are right!”

Sister Turtle realized that some of Spade Z’s fans had become accomplices and were acting in favor of the other side, so she immediately stopped the meeting and quickly voiced her thoughts on Weibo loudly.

Didn’t they claim that the picture was not taken by their Big Spade?

Sister Turtle shared Qin Mo’s Weibo post and mentioned Spade Z as she wrote: “Big Spade, please be more careful when you take pictures next time. You’re such a kid; you even forgot to take your ring and lollipop out of the frame. These traces can’t be more obvious…”

After seeing this comment being shared once again, that person who wrote the controversial post finally understood why Spade Z’s fans were saying that Spade Z was the one who took that photo of Almighty Qin. However, she had already said words that she had no way of taking back, so she pretended that she didn’t see anything because she had already gotten the attention she wanted.

A few of Spade Z’s young fans were still confused, and they replied to the other post, “Yeah, sorry. I thought you were the problem and accused you. I will go tell them the truth right now. You were right. Sorry sorry.”

“Thanks for clarifying for me. Otherwise, a Spade Z fan like me would really misunderstand you.”

“I’m a Spade Z fan too. At first I really couldn’t accept what you said, but after seeing this post, I find that you are quite honest, big brother.”

Sister Turtle wanted so badly to ask them, what on earth did that person clarify, and how was he honest at all?

But she held her thoughts back.

She had encountered this kind of situation before when she was writing for a website.

Sometimes, being powerful didn’t mean being able to conquer all.

So many people secretly carried evil thoughts that one could never guess.

For example, your works were stolen by those who claimed to admire and like you. But because those thieves appeared to be weaker than you, your quest for justice later came to be known as an act of bullying.