Chapter 328 - Almighty Qin Was Awake

Chapter 328: Almighty Qin Was Awake

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You could get yourself destroyed from your own kindness, because in this world, some people would always trust and fall for the deceptive words of others.

Although Big Spade didn’t know how to fabricate things, people from the opposition certainly knew how to.

Therefore, she refused to make the same mistake twice.

Especially when acting in defense of Spade Z, Sister Turtle needed to remain even more composed and win with her accumulated experience.

Fortunately, she wasn’t fighting this war alone.

There were several who focused on the passion Spade Z had brought to them, so as soon as she posted her comment, many people who truly liked Spade Z followed after her.

Together, they would show the world how powerful their existence was by posting comments one after another relentlessly!

“My Big Spade absolutely did that on purpose! He’s totally the one on top, so he obviously left those traces on purpose to show that he was the one who had slept with Almighty Qin!”

“What? He’s the one on top? Are you sure about that? Almighty Qin would not accept that.”

“I’ll sit here and and keep tabs on the Weibo updates while waiting for Almighty Qin to wake up!”

“That’s right. With Almighty Qin’s personality, there are two possibilities: Either the Almighty trapped Big Spade against the wall, or he directly slept with Big Spade.”


Just like this, the whole situation had turned a complete one hundred and eighty degrees.

A thick scent of indescribable intimacy permeated through the air.

Was that person still seeking attention by posting on Weibo?

Sorry, but those who really like Spade Z will not interact with you no matter what. If you’re begging for free popularity, take my stare and go figure it out yourself.

Lin Feng was still scared of the fact that Little Spade had slept with his captain.

He turned to Cloud Tiger and said, “Wait, Little Feng Shang was clearly the one who was supposed to sleep with Little Spade, so how did Captain get into the picture? Do you think that… the two of them did anything inappropriate last night? With Little Spade’s personality, he must have…”

“Even Little Spade fantasizes about Captain. It’s still okay because there are two obvious possibilities. First, he got completely beaten up and thrown out by Captain. Second, he was the one who was on the bottom; there’s no way Captain would be topped by him.” In Supreme Alliance, aside from the Almighty Qin, Cloud Tiger deserved to be called the best player, and he went straight for the throat of the problem. “But, Little Spade is really charming. It’s obvious that someone is protecting him.”

“Protecting? Are you talking about those Weibo comments?” Lin Feng was no blockhead either. “They really did a good job containing the situation. Otherwise, someone would have taken all the benefits and become popular from this.”

After saying that, Lin Feng became all excited again. “Little Spade is indeed Supreme Alliance’s clean stream of spring water, right? How come he can post on Weibo using Captain’s account? I’m sure Captain didn’t post this one himself, so how did Little Spade do it? Did he hack Captain’s account?”

“That’s unlikely.” Cloud Tiger tapped his phone. “Our team’s official account is quiet. In other words, Feng Yi knew about this, and there’s a huge possibility that Little Spade posted this with Feng Yi’s permission. Otherwise, do you think that someone who treats money as dear as life like Manager Feng would allow such a picture to leak out like this? He’s running away from the responsibility of it all, and he is scared that he will be paying his dues once Captain finds out.”

“That makes perfect sense!” Lin Feng patted his forehead. ” Aiyaya, then Little Spade is doomed. I can’t imagine how severely Captain will punish him, but I want to see it so badly!”

” Achoo! 

After logging out of Hero’s page, Fu Jiu logged into Weibo again using Qin Mo’s official account. She unconsciously touched her nose with her long fingers, and her eyes paused as she was about to check out those countless comments.

A low, laughing voice slowly sounded from her left side.

“Why did you sneeze out of nowhere? Huh?”

That magnetic voice was so deep and low from just waking up, and it was as if one could taste the flavor of vivid intimacy from it…