Chapter 329 - Exposed!

Chapter 329: Exposed!

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Fu Jiu turned, staring straight into a hypnotizing set of eyes that seemed to exude a sense of inviolability.

“Did you catch a cold yesterday, or are you feeling unwell somewhere?” The Almighty was still on the bed, his ears pressed against the pillow. His anime-like features were magnetising as dark wispy strands of hair landed on his forehead, the ends falling onto his lashes. Even the hotel air seemed more extravagant with his presence, emitting a light fragrance.

But… For him to be awake at this hour, things weren’t looking bright.

She had just replied to a message by Sister Turtle and was about to look at the other @s…

Alright, those weren’t all that important.

Her response was the main point, “With my good looks, of course I’m on top…”

She had originally assumed that the message would be drowned out by the sea of comments.

The Almighty might not be able to see it.

Since the Almighty wasn’t a fan of Weibo, he definitely wouldn’t scroll through all her replies.


Fu Jiu’s fingers paused momentarily before she shifted her phone naturally, “No, I’m good.”

“Eh?” Qin Mo arched a brow at her actions. He pulled his blanket aside, heading over.

Qin Mo was half-naked, exposing his perfectly defined abs and chest, the lines clear and imposing.

Fu Jiu had assumed that the Almighty wouldn’t be able to discover her posts despite his intelligence.


Qin Mo lowered himself, leaning over to press Fu Jiu’s arm. He was so close that it seemed as though he was about to fall onto her.

“Were you secretly using your phone while I slept?” He had a beautiful voice, but at this moment, it seemed shrouded in danger.

“What did I say, can you behave?” Qin Mo’s free hand tapped the corner of the youth’s eyes, “Don’t you still want your eyes, hmm?”

So it was the eye infection. Fu Jiu had originally assumed that he had really seen through something. “I still want them, but Brother Mo, I have to reply to messages, after all. For instance, the message by Baby Feng yesterday. You should know that Baby Feng is someone that needs to be taken care of. Now that Manager Feng isn’t around, I need to show him some more concern. His fragile heart would shatter if I didn’t reply to him the entire night.”

A chill ran through the depths of his eyes, “You do make some sense.”

“That’s right.” Fu Jiu was starting to thank the gods, her intelligence still seemed to be in check despite the pressure that the Almighty was inflicting.

Fu Jiu indeed hadn’t shown any loopholes but her explanation…

Qin Mo wasn’t pleased.

Baby Feng, eh?

That sure was affectionate.

He seemed close to both Feng Shang and Xue Yaoyao.

The thought of Xue Yaoyao caused a frown to appear on his face. Even the Almighty himself wasn’t aware of his current expression.

“Brother Mo definitely won’t jeopardise your relationship with others,” Qin Mo added faintly as he took the phone from Fu Jiu’s hands. “What do you want to reply to him, I’ll do it for you.”

Fu Jiu: …No amount of intelligence on her part could have predicted such a progression of events, why couldn’t the Almighty act normally!

Qin Mo had originally intended to reply to Feng Shang, but the moment he reached for the phone, he saw the glaring reply on the lit up phone.

“With my good looks, of course I’m on top…”