Chapter 33 - Before A Gay Meetup, Fu Jiu Flirts With Girls

Chapter 33: Before A Gay Meetup, Fu Jiu Flirts With Girls

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The next day, Fu Jiu took her purse and was about to head out in her school uniform.

“Young Master, wait, wait, wait!” Old Driver Wang was still eating his fried bread stick. “I’m starting the car right now, I’m taking you to school.”

Young Master woke up even earlier today than yesterday?

“No need, I’ll skateboard there.” Fu Jiu stood at the gate and pointed at the skateboard under her foot.

Old Driver Wang made an ‘ah’ sound and said, “You’re not riding in the car anymore?”

“No need, Uncle Wang. Don’t wait for me at the gate later on. It’s autumn now, and it’s getting colder. You are already too old for such chilly weather, I will be fine by myself.”

Fu Jiu’s figure had long disappeared as she was saying this, leaving her voice faintly lingering in his ears.

Old Driver Wang fell into shock right there.

Young Master… was caring for him?

Fu Jiu had been outrageous before; Old Wang knew that the best.

He thought that Young Master acted well recently and only became thoughtful to get some extra pocket money from Madam.

But to his surprise, Young Master had really changed.

He had changed into someone who warmed a person’s heart.

8 a.m. in the morning was when the school was the most crowded.

Various kinds of luxurious limousines were parked and crammed at the gate.

This was nothing strange at Jiang City No.1 Middle School.

Because most of the kids who went there were from rich families, along with the fact that they were at the age where they loved to show off and compete, they got their drivers to send them to school.

Then, a handsome human figure flew by in the narrow path between the rows of limousines!

It was a blur; one could only see that eye catching cropped silver hair.

That blur was Fu Jiu. Her left leg was on the skateboard, and she was wearing pure black headphones. Her uniform was fluttering with the wind because of her leg’s movements, showing a bit of the fair skin on her waist. That figure was so pretty that many girls wanted to take out their phones and snap a picture.

“So cool! I thought he was too cool when he was getting interviewed yesterday! Now, with that skateboard, he’s even cooler!”

“What should I do, I feel like changing my dream lover already, Fu Jiu, Fu Jiu…”

As if Fu Jiu heard the girls talking, she turned her head and curled up the corner of her mouth.

In the blink of an eye, countless girls were awestruck…

Everyone changed the way they looked at Fu Jiu after the incident, especially that female student who didn’t come from a wealthy family—Xue Yaoyao.

Today was her first day back in school, and she took the initiative in requesting to be assigned to the same class as Fu Jiu.

When she saw Fu Jiu walking into the classroom, she abruptly raised the bun in her hands. “My mum made this herself. She, she gives you her thanks.”

Because of Xue Yaoyao’s actions, the whole class looked in Fu Jiu’s direction, which was followed by a big round of discussion.

“There’s no way Fu Jiu will eat her bun. What if that dirty stuff makes his stomach sick?”

“Exactly. Hey, is it possible that she has a crush on Fu Jiu?”

“Gosh, doesn’t she look at herself in the mirror, please. Look at that figure of hers, she’s simply a fat pig, but she still dares to fantasize about Fu Jiu?”

Hearing that, Xue Yaoyao bit her lip in embarrassment. She only wanted to thank him; she didn’t want to give him trouble.

But she forgot that she was a joke herself. With this point in mind, Xue Yaoyao wanted to retract her hands.

But to her utter surprise, that young man took off his headphones and turned around. Suddenly, he took a big bite of her bun with his snow white teeth. “Mmm… delicious, I actually haven’t had breakfast yet. Thanks.”

That voice still carried a sense of lethargic grace from just waking up not too long ago, adding to his smile that could melt the snow.

It was not just Xue Yaoyao; even the pretty girls in class couldn’t stop their hearts from speeding up…

[0]: Gay Meetup: in Chinese “Mian Ji”, meaning two male friends’ meet-up, for they act quite close, it gives a feeling to others that they may be gay and like each other romantically.