Chapter 331 - Distributing Sweets in Group Photos

Chapter 331: Distributing Sweets in Group Photos

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The distance between the two decreased because they were both standing.

Moreover, Qin Mo was the one who directly pulled Fu Jiu by her collar and dragged her here.

Maintaining their current posture with his strength, Qin Mo lowered his head and leaned forward as his thin lips approached Fu Jiu’s.

Just as those Tokyo girls had said, the height difference between them was perfect. If these two people were to kiss each other, the resulting picture must be very beautiful.

However, Qin Mo was still rational after all, so how could he kiss Fu Jiu?

He was just giving a warning to his disobedient younger brother. “You just love to run your mouth off. Then tell me, how should I each you a lesson, huh?”

“Brother Mo, do you want to hear the truth? You are the older brother, so you should give way to me.” Fu Jiu decided to change her escape tactics with a light smile on the corner of her mouth.

Listening to the young rascal’s playful tone, Qin Mo laughed instead of getting angry. “Such as letting you eat meat, play with your mobile phone, or post on Weibo?”

“The last one’s just so-so.” As a matter of fact, Fu Jiu didn’t have the habit of posting on Weibo.

Qin Mo still took her phone. He let her have a look as his fingers moved across the phone. “So you like taking photos?”

“Brother Mo’s sleeping posture just looked so handsome. It was simply a moment to be remembered.” Fu Jiu smiled enthusiastically. “It’s my first time taking part in a competition with so many people and sleeping with my good friend in the same hotel room. Waking up to such a morning is very wonderful and memorable.”

After listening to what the young man said, Qin Mo loosened his slim fingers and then grabbed him.

The two leaned back and lay down on the bed together.

Fu Jiu never expected the Almighty to move in such a way.

The Almighty’s every single reaction was simply out of her expectations, so when her body lay down on the bed, she was caught unprepared for a moment.

But she only saw the Almighty lift his left hand, which was holding the mobile phone, and press her head against his shoulder as his right hand combed through her hair.

Then she heard a clicking sound!

Her face, along with the Almighty’s shoulder, successfully appeared on the phone.

Fu Jiu paused for a moment, and she turned her head to look at the man beside her.

She had never been so close to anyone before, but she was really happy right now.

“Since it’s a memory, then taking a picture together makes sense.”

Qin Mo’s voice was very low, and he sounded like he was willing to meet any demands his little brother had.

Besides, even though he used to oppose being included in group photos all the time, at this moment, he didn’t find taking a group photo with someone else that appalling at all.

Rather, it could also be very good.

Qin Mo hooked his thin lips up. The side profile of his face was so handsome that even Fu Jiu wanted to whistle.

The Almighty was so handsome that no one else could compete.

“The expression in this photo isn’t so good.” Fu Jiu took the mobile phone back because she wanted to delete the picture.

Qin Mo stretched out his hand and stopped the young man’s actions. “Your embarrassed expression can make me laugh for one year, so keep it.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Why did she feel moved just a while ago?

So the significance of the memory for the Almighty was seeing her embarrassment?

“Then I will take one more.” She was so handsome, so she couldn’t possibly lose to the Almighty.

But this time Qin Mo let Fu Jiu do as she wanted.

The two still kept their original posture of lying on the bed together.

But the difference was that Fu Jiu also included the Almighty in the picture this time.

And the two of them had their first real group photo… on the bed.

However, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo, these two people, felt nothing, because one had a different outlook on life, while the other was overbearing and indifferent.

On the other hand, ordinary people would never think things through so much once they saw the pictures!

After Fu Jiu had finished taking the picture, she used the app that she had installed before to give herself and the Almighty each a pair of devil horns.