Chapter 332 - Distributing Sweets During Meals

Chapter 332: Distributing Sweets During Meals

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“How handsome.” Fu Jiu looked at that picture and whistled as an evil smile hung on the corner of her mouth.

She was just boasting about how handsome she was in the picture, but then the Almighty took away her phone and said in a low voice, “Go take your medicine.”

“My phone…”

“I’m confiscating it.” Qin Mo stood up and walked back to his side of the bed. He must be looking for some clothes to wear.

Having her phone taken, Fu Jiu now could only find solace in delicious food.

She then stood up and took her wallet. She asked, “Brother Mo, what do you want to eat? I will go get food.”

In general, hotels offered self-service breakfast for free. Moreover, breakfast was even better in this kind of high-class hotel.

But this hotel imposed charges on their guests when they brought back food to eat in their rooms.

Qin Mo fastened the last button on his shirt, and he immediately said in a business-like tone, “Wait until I wash up, and I’ll go with you.”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu smiled handsomely.

Boys were different from girls.

When boys said they needed to wash up, they just needed to wash up.

When girls had to wash, they still needed time to put on eyeliner, draw their eyebrows, apply BB cream, and so on.

The difference in time taken really presented itself because in less than three minutes, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo both went out of the room together and went downstairs side-by-side.

The restaurant of the hotel was located on the second floor.

The whole floor was covered in dark carpet, and chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling.

Under the light stood an oval marble table. On top it was a spread of food with an assortment of distinct colors.

The table was filled with Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food, and fruits that were cut into different flowers and shapes, like a dragon winding down.

Besides the variety of cuisine, the waiters were busy but not disorganized. Because they were in Tokyo, they were dressed up as butlers. Some were pouring milk for the guests, and they wore straight black suits and pure white gloves on their hands, which added a sense of delicacy.

Guests who were staying in the hotel could choose food they wanted there by using their room cards. But the people here paid a lot of attention to fresh foods, so if nobody came to pick them up after ten minutes, the waiters would replace them at once.

Fu Jiu and Qin Mo chose to sit near the window. From here, they could see the most prosperous streets in Tokyo outside the hotel.

The appearance of the two naturally attracted too much attention.

Fu Jiu had felt nothing was special about her handsomeness before, but sitting together with the Almighty now, she indeed…

The main attraction was the Almighty, who looked like a youth who came here to drink morning tea, and his behavior revealed his nobility.

Compared to the Almighty, she ate a lot.

She could hardly imagine how big the Almighty’s stomach was because he ate so little.

Qin Mo also wanted to ask Fu Jiu the same question. He glanced at the three empty plates beside the young man, and he finally persuaded himself with the fact that his little brother was still growing in his adolescence period.

Otherwise, Qin Mo was really couldn’t understand where Fu Jiu hid all that food…

“Well… I’m not yet full, so I’ll go get another plate of fried rice.” Fu Jiu put one hand in her pocket, not feeling that she had eaten too much. “Brother Mo, what else do you want? I will get them together.”

Qin Mo thought for a moment and felt that some parental guidance was desirable at this moment, which could be accomplished by letting children help them do something at home that could make them feel a sense of achievement.

“Black tea.”


Looking at the young man’s straight back, Qin Mo scrolled through his mobile phone casually.

Spade Z’s Weibo account was not logged out, so he could obviously see the mentions and the comments. Reading through them was quite interesting.

But just as he opened his own official Weibo, his eyes narrowed…