Chapter 333 - Almighty Qin Makes His Moves

Chapter 333: Almighty Qin Makes His Moves

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Qin Mo saw the thread that had a long string of replies below, so he easily notice it.

“Look here, look here. Don’t you gossip about our Almighty Qin and Spade Z being together, understand?”

This kind of message actually implied two things about the person.

One was that he didn’t like Qin Mo being involved with Spade Z.

The other was that somebody was seeking attention.

Obviously, the person who sent out that post belonged to the latter case. Otherwise, he would not have continuously replied there, “I might have talked impetuously before, but I must make my stand clear first. I like Spade Z too.”

Whether he really liked Spade Z or not was hard to determine.

After Qin Mo had opened that person’s message, he only had the feeling that this guy was imitating Spade Z all the way. Besides, this guy had devoted himself to becoming an instant online celebrity.

Qin Mo was a businessman.

As a businessman, seeing through the essence of others was easy for the Almighty.

This person was thinking that Spade Z could rouse attention, so his wanting to take advantage could be a possibility.

Of course, Qin Mo did not rule out that this guy might have really fallen in love with Spade Z for the first time.

But this love was not pure.

He first pretended to his fan. Then, he imitated him. Finally, he said something like this, attracting people’s attention.

Anyone who had a brain could tell his thoughts.

Real fans of Spade Z should have avoided replying at once to sway the public opinion.

But some still didn’t get it, so they constantly interacted with the person. “Big brother, I know you are also a fan of Spade Z. The reason why you said something like that for my Spade Z’s sake, so it’s okay. Come on.”

And then that person replied, “I love Spade Z the most! Asking for hugs!”

Then there were several people who followed after and replied to him happily.

“I wanna have a touch!”

“Go catch yourself a big brother. I find this Almighty to have some similarities with my Spade Z, such as speaking straightforwardly. I’m also becoming his fan!”

The topic that had been buried came back to the surface again.

These people who identified themselves as Spade Z’s fans didn’t realize at all that they had become accomplices to hurt Spade Z.

By saying how much they like Spade Z, however, they were assisting the person who was imitating Spade Z to become famous.

Actually, Qin Mo didn’t care what the purpose of this person was.

But he didn’t want his little brother to see this kind of disgusting thing.

If the public opinion wasn’t doing too well, then he would do more.

This time, Qin Mo didn’t post on Weibo directly. Instead, he specifically focused on the person called Sister Turtle after taking two looks, and forwarded something to her.

Then he tapped on her nickname to send a private message to her.

“I will send you something about somebody later again on Weibo. Will there be any problems?”

Sister Turtle thought about the number of times their great Spade Z sent private messages on Weibo.

But she had never thought that… Almighty Qin would be the one to send her private messages first!

Please forgive Sister Turtle. Although she was an experienced and knowledgeable white-collar worker, she was almost choked by water.

They spoke directly, because they were both in the workplace.

“No problem.”

Sister Turtle didn’t ask why Almighty Qin came to say these things to her.

Smart people would understand the situation as soon as they saw what was happening on Weibo.

She was worried about this heavy-minded person coming out again. After all, no matter how hard they protected themselves, they were unable to manipulate others’ thoughts.

But she just counted it as a personal favour.

And she felt sorry for great Spade Z.

The young man who was being hurt now had once said, “Justice might come late, but it will never be absent.”

But those who said they liked Spade Z directly turned into accomplices.

This must be stopped!

After the Almighty’s appearance, Sister Turtle could finally let out a sigh of relief.

However… would the summons of the Almighty ever be so smooth…