Chapter 334 - Distributing Sweets in Weibo

Chapter 334: Distributing Sweets in Weibo

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Sister Turtle was not a fan of the couple.

She also knew that there should be deep brotherly affection among eSports players.

From the incident last time, it could be seen how well Almighty Qin treated their Big Spade.

But those people called their Big Spade “somebody”… Wasn’t it too…

Sister Turtle shook her head. As a professional woman, she would not sink to the level of cute high school students.

Maintaining and managing Big Spade’s situation was more than enough for her.

With that in mind, Sister Turtle just waited for that post about “somebody” from Almighty Qin to be published again.

At this moment, in Tokyo Star Hotel.

Qin Mo moved his finger and logged into his own official Weibo. Before sending out the group photo that the young man had taken, Qin Mo edited his post to add a few words in a light tone, “Have a look at who’s on top and who’s on the bottom.”

Sister Turtle’s computer page stayed on Qin Mo’s Weibo, and when she saw the picture, she was stunned.

In the picture, the silver-haired youngster was looking at the camera lens with a smile, and even the curve on the corner of his mouth made him look smart and handsome. His eyes were narrowed, as if he were ready to hit on someone, and the black piercing utterly stole the spotlight.

And Almighty Qin cooperated with the young man as he turned his head downward very aggressively. Those deep, black eyes of his seemed to overpower the lights, and he also had his… his clavicle exposed? How seductive!

The respective temperaments of the two of them were completely different. Their being together in the picture did not obscure each other’s original merits. Rather, they highlighted each other’s elegance, and they simply looked handsome enough to make everyone feel like screaming!

Special effects had been added to that particular picture. The furry, black devil horns on the top of their heads were really beautiful!

And… were they lying against a pi… pillow?

Wh… What happened?

Sister Turtle held the mouse with her hand, completely in shock. Then again, she was not really a fan of the couple.

Still, it was impossible for her thoughts not to fly off the handle!

That group photo was uploaded together with Almighty Qin’s suggestive words.

What did the Almighty intend to do? He shouldn’t be showing off their affection like this!

People would go crazy on his official Weibo!

And they really did go crazy.

That person over there who wanted to become famous by bringing up the topic of Spade Z was still interacting with the two or three people who called themselves Spade Z’s fans, and she just wanted others to recognize her.

On this page, an uproar was ongoing!

Qin Mo and Fu Jiu were extremely handsome in full screen!

“Oh my God, is there something wrong with my eyes?

“A group shot? A group shot in bed?”

“Ahahah, they’re so handsome!

“Two demons! Ahahah, how handsome, how handsome! I want the both of them; what should I do?”

“You have no hope, person upstairs. Haven’t you seen the Almighty’s caption? It’s so easy to see immediately who’s the one on top and who’s the one on the bottom. The Almighty is on the left, and Spade Z is on the right. I don’t want to say anything more. I just want to ask the Almighty how long his behavior of suddenly showing off their affection will last. I’m afraid I’ll run out of blood soon because of the blood spurting out of my nose!”

“After seeing this picture, my heart is beating faster. What should I do? Almighty, look at your eyes when you’re gazing at Big Spade. You’re spoiling him way too openly!”

“A long time ago, I was attracted to one eSports player—the Almighty. His Weibo has already been up for years, but the posts he published were all about the game strategies! Now… he has changed! I don’t want to tell the reason. Singles automatically accept them showing off their affection!”

“I really want to run down the stairs for two rounds. My number one male the Almighty and my number two male Spade Z are finally in the same screen facing each other. Surprisingly, in this situation… I think they are very happy.”

“They match. I’ll become their fan from now on.”

“Big Spade, you must always follow Almighty Qin. With you, we’ll reap benefits. Without you, Almighty Qin’s official Weibo can only grow grass 1 .”