Chapter 335 - Good Night

Chapter 335: Good Night

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After this comment by Qin Mo’s fan, other people suddenly came to realize that, indeed, aside from the content about game strategies that he had once posted, the rest of the posts on the Almighty’s Weibo were just about Big Spade.

Yes, they were all about Big Spade.

And if this was still like it was in the past… Post photos? Hehe, the Almighty would even gladly wear a black mask to conceal his handsome face while he was playing a match.

The media didn’t even dare to take pictures of him casually.

But look at how it was now!

Why did the Almighty post this picture?

And he was so aggressive with his words that he shut other people up.

From his behavior, everyone already understood what the hell he was trying to say!

Last time, the Almighty was not just saying that he would protect Big Spade!

Most people understood what the situation was when considering the replies “somebody” posted here before.

“The Almighty just stood up for Big Spade!”

“I liked the way he stood up for him and hope the Almighty will always stand up for him in the future!”

“Almighty Qin and Big Spade were in the same screen, in the same screen…”

When Sister Turtle saw this, she did not hesitate to directly forward Qin Mo’s Weibo to @Fujiu, “Top, under, immediately, show. Poor Big Spade, you are so handsome, but still not the top one.”

The true fans of Spade saw Sister Turtle’s action and followed immediately. “Top, under, immediately, show. Touch my Big Spade, fight again later?”

“It basically depends on the temperament, and I firmly believe that Big Spade is the one on top, second to one person. You can’t do it. Almighty Qin just happens to be that one. ”

Qin Mo swiped the Weibo pages with fingers, looking at those “@” messages of the true fans of Spade, hooking the corner of his mouth upwards.

That sentence “Second to one person and Almighty Qin just happens to be that one” was inexplicably comfortable.

He couldn’t help but to move his finger to give it a thumb up.

The fan of Spade never thought she would be noticed… Wow, Almighty Qin was so much closer than she had thought!

“The Almighty has given me a thumb up.”

“Almighty Qin gave you the thumb up for when you said that Big Spade was the one under. ”

“The Almighty is very insidious, and now I want to know what my Big Spade will say. In the morning you said you were handsome and must be the one on top… but now you were attacked.”

Fu Jiu would not know about the matter in the official Weibo. She held a hot piece of toast in her mouth, put one hand into her trouser pocket casually, and held a tray with the other hand, which was full of abundant food.

“Just eating fried rice? Qin Mo raised his eyes from the phone screen and looked at the youngster in front of him.

The corner of Fu Jiu’s mouth curled up. The pure smile, like the sun, was hard to forget. “I always feel hungry, and it must be because there is no meat.”

“You are probably still growing up.” Qin Mo continued to use his finger to scroll through the phone. He thought that the youngster was presently still going through puberty and frowned. “Have you recently felt your knees or some parts of your body ache? ”

Fu jiu shook her head. “No.” It was true that occasionally the chest would swell… Why she was still growing in this age… It was not good for her.

“Buy some vitamins after dinner to prevent it.” Qin Mo thought about the problems he would encounter when he was growing up, but he did not think that the youth in front of him would be faced with another type of issue.

Fu Jiu responded “Hmm” ambiguously, ate a bite of food, looked towards Qin Mo, and quirked an eyebrow. “Brother Mo, you kept smiling at the mobile phone just now. Why are you smiling?”