Chapter 336 - Untitled

Chapter 336: Untitled

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Qin Mo lifted his eyes and sat back on a chair with a noble temperament, he said, “Do you want to know? Let’s take a look at it.”

With this statement, he pushed his phone forward so it was in front of the youngster. There was a faint smile tugging at the corner of his month.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows and looked at the screen, which hadn’t turned dark yet. There was a photo with four words below it: “Top, under, immediately, show.”

And the comments below it all expressed pity for her for being the one on the bottom?!

How come those little darlings didn’t see the obviously dominant expression in her eyes?

It was clear that the Almighty was the one on top, but she was not that bad.

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused.

She realized that this was why the Almighty, who had never allowed her to use his phone before, took the initiative to push it to her this time,

He was full of tricks.

Now Fu Jiu could no longer appreciate the handsome photo of her and the Almighty anymore!

What the hell was “Top, under, immediately, show”!

Looking at the opposite youngster’s depressed but handsome face, with a piece of toast still hanging out of his mouth, Qin Mo smiled pleasantly.

“Don’t talk.” Fu Jiu pointed at him.

But how could a brother like Qin Mo obediently listen to his younger brother. He said, “Your fans really have good taste, especially with their views on positions for you and me.”

“Brother Mo, you are the one on top because you exposed skin, I would also on top if I did that.” While speaking, Fu Jiu took the tray and made up for the defeat with food.

Lin Feng was totally confused by the photo of the two of them posted on Weibo.

And he kept asking Cloud Tiger, “Do our team leader and little Spade really sleep together? How on earth do you think little Spade managed to make our team leader to take a photo with him? What’s more, the team leader is surprisingly saying top and under now. Shouldn’t our team members all be straight men? Even if others all turned gay, the team leader should be the representative of thousands of straight men.”

“Does this mean that you could become a gay?” Cloud Tiger showed his room card and entered into the magnificent lobby.

“No, I won’t.” Lin Feng shook his head quickly.

“Then shut up and take your food,” Cloud Tiger took a tray and said.

Lin Feng’s gaze focused as he looked up, then he stepped towards the table where Fu Jiu was sitting with big strides. First, he was astonished by the number of empty plates on the table and then he said very seriously to Qin Mo,”Captain, I came to get little Spade to go get food with him together. Little Spade, let’s go and see what else you would like to eat.”

It was wise to call Fu Jiu away if he wanted to talk to him alone.

And it was hard for Fu Jiu to resist delicacies, so she smiled and was about to stand up.

Qin Mo said in a mild voice, “He has eaten seven plates of food plus a piece of toast and three glasses of juice, are you sure you want him to keep eating?”

He directed this towards Lin Feng, and when he looked at Lin Feng again, there was a touch of oppression in his dark eyes.

Lin Feng felt his hands tremble at once.

Qin Mo held up the porcelain cup and took a sip of the iced American coffee.

This made the chill dissipate a little.

Since he couldn’t take Fu Jiu away, Lin Feng could only attack by using innuendos. After all, the two main characters in the photo were both there!

“Little Spade, how did you sleep yesterday? Where is Baby Feng, why don’t I see him?”

Yes, it was better not to let the team leader know that they slept together!

However, his question was answered back in a meaningful way by Fu Jiu. She said cunningly, “You guess.”

“Why do I need to guess! Are you my brother or not, little Spade! If you are, tell me the truth!”

Lin Feng tilted his face and constantly kept eye contact with Fu Jiu.

As Fu Jiu chewed gum and blew out bubbles one after another, he looked so handsome that he was completely unparalleled in looks, but he also looked like someone who needed a spanking.

However, the team leader didn’t discipline this guy.

Lin Feng was defeated and planned to get something from Qin Mo. With a look of awe-inspiring righteousness, he said, “Team leader, I never thought that once you took off your clothes, you could not only have a good physique but also a good temperament. You’re different from me. I would attack the second I took off my clothes!”