Chapter 337 - Sweets

Chapter 337: Sweets

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“On top?” Qin Mo smiled as he raised his eyebrows, and added indifferently, “Whether you wear clothes or not is approximately equal for the one underneath. That face is much too beautiful, so even if you took off your clothes, you would be receive this abuse even more. Just forget about it.”

Ling Feng: “…” Ten thousand points of damage from that critical strike!

Fu Jiu couldn’t help but laugh.

Lin Feng thought that it was unsuitable for him to stay here on this occasion.

Cloud Tiger was just standing behind him with two trays in his hands, and he said, “All our team members have received the picture of you with no top on, don’t you feel any shame saying that you are the one on top?”

Fu Jiu became interested and asked, “Where is it? Let me have a look too.”

Lin Feng pulled Cloud Tiger over to him at once and said very seriously, “Little Spade, I have something to talk about with your brother Cloud Tiger. You two can continue to eat.”

How could he be stronger than Cloud Tiger, who could knock him down with one hand? But Cloud Tiger also wanted to play a trick on him, so he casually let him drag him away.

Fu Jiu’s eyes lit up as she found the meat on the tray that they had left behind.

However, the Almighty was quicker than her when it came to getting the meat. He moved the fork and said in a mild voice, “Let me help you with such evil things. Heh, it is really special that my younger brother wants to see pictures of people not wearing shirts.”

“To be honest, I am only interested in the picture of Brother Mo.” Fu Jiu hooked the corners of her lips up and winked with her left eye, “So, Brother Mo, can you give me your phone and let me take another look at the picture?”

Qin Mo remained unmoved and said, “Your eyes are still red, how could you still think about the phone. If you are really very eager to see it, I will show you when we go back to our room.”

Fu Jiu paused slowly, and she realized that the Almighty was too cunning for her to deal with.

What’s more, she also didn’t know if it was because she was always flirting with him that made him become more resistant to her flirting now.

While Fu Jiu still felt a little depressed, Cloud Tiger and Lin Feng came back with the other players.

Because today was the last day of intensified training, everyone was dressed for battle, which caught the attention of quite a few diners.

Whispers of conversations in Japanese could be heard from the people around them: “Are they e-sports players?”

“It seems like they are, each one of them looks vigorous.”

“It’s a pity that they are not from Tokyo. The youngster over there is so handsome, he looks like an anime character.”

E-sports was very popular in Tokyo.

This time, even a man like Lin Feng felt like he was treated like a circus act by these people.

However, today, Secretary Liang was really not in the mood to take the place of Agent Feng and lead the Supreme Alliance in conducting the intensified training once more.

He was standing at the entrance to the hotel restaurant, but his twisted expression made him no longer look like the capable and handsome president’s assistant from before.

Who could tell him what was happening now?

His CEO, Boss Qin, who could be cold enough to freeze people to death and who no one in Jiang City dared to take a picture of, had now become a hot topic!

And there were two people in the picture, who were both extremely handsome.

But Secretary Liang could not appreciate their handsome appearances anymore. He first made an international call to his acquaintance back in China and finally managed to keep the heat down on Weibo.


The madam’s call came!

She called him at such a time…

No wonder Agent Feng’s expressions were twisted!

The waiter next to him could not stand it anymore, so he walked up to him and asked very politely, “Sir, Is there anything that we can do for you?”

The waiter spoke in Japanese at first, and saw Secretary Liang still frowning, so he repeated it in English.

It was then that Secretary Liang realized that there were people around him. He smiled warmly right away and replied, “No, thanks, it was a phone call.”

With this, Secretary Liang took action and walked towards a quiet place.

Then, he took a deep breath and pressed the button to answer the call…