Chapter 338 - Turned Gay or Not?

Chapter 338: Turned Gay or Not?

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“Hello, Madam.” When Secretary Liang said the first sentence, he felt very complicated inwardly. If Madam asked him what happened in that photo, he didn’t know how to answer.

Did he say that he felt like something was wrong with Boss Qin recently?

Or did he say that there was nothing at all? It was just the good relationships between the team members… How could this happen? Boss Qin was all alone when he grew up, except for some people within the family. Who else had good relationships with him?

When he was in high school, there was in fact a group of people following him.

At that time, he did not act like a third generation member of a military family, and instead had the demeanor of a school boss.

Now he was in college. He directly had the style of a CEO.

The number of the people who worshiped Boss Qin was large, but the one who was very close to Boss Qin was only… Fu Jiu.

However, he couldn’t exclude the possibility of it just being a bond between brothers.

He needed to think uprightly!

Secretary Liang calmed himself down with a professional attitude. “Madam, what’s up?”

On the other side of the phone, the beauty was a little depressed. “Xiao Liang.”

“It’s me.”

“My son has discovered you.”

Secretary Liang wanted to say that Boss Qin had discovered him much earlier. But Madam, did you just find that out? His face was full of tears.

“Why didn’t you tell me that the one who talked with Qin Mo was a boy? Then I wouldn’t be excited for half a day.”

Secretary Liang’s heart almost jumped out. “You know that?”

“Yes, I know.” The beauty sighed, “I said it before. He can’t change his sexual orientation. You watch him for me to see if other girls have appeared in front of him. If not, you make opportunities for them to meet.”

Secretary Liang wanted to say that he had changed his sexual orientation, but… this was something that, as a a CEO’s assistant, he could not guess casually.

“Yes, madam. I had already arranged it, but the CEO was not very happy with that.”

Like at this special training in Tokyo, he thought that he was almost trapped in the cold palace. Because of the incident with the Kali team, now Boss Qin looked at him with coldness.

Secretary Liang knew that it was a warning.

“Yes, we can’t overdo it.” The beauty thought for a moment and said again, “Then, you note who has good relationships with him, even if he’s a boy. But don’t leave him alone.”

Secretary Liang opened his mouth. “What do you mean boys are also okay?”

“Of course to be brothers. He can’t sleep well alone. He said that he had found a good friend to accompany him.” After saying this, the beauty bit her lip. “I always had the feeling that he wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s so strange.”

Secretary Liang: …

So, it really was Young Master Jiu who was together with Boss yesterday.

So the photo was not taken casually?

Why did he feel like his heart was even more tired?

“Okay, I need to enter the film crew. We have to keep an eye out for a sign of compromise.”

Secretary Liang listened to the dial tone from the phone after she hung up. What the hell did she mean by a sign of compromise? But since it was the madam who gave him the task, he could not decline.

It was not the madam that he couldn’t turn down, but the boss.

Originally, when Secretary Liang received this kind of task, he would first tell his boss.

The boss just smiled slightly and said, “That’s good. It can help you practice your ability to stay undercover. By the way, your Boss Qin, his counter-reconnaissance ability is pretty good. But you need to understand mothers’ love for their sons. Go ahead.”

As for the meaning of this sentence, that was to say, ‘My son will without a doubt find you, but you need to go anyway.’

Secretary Liang took a deep breath.

The past was hard to look back on. He must think carefully about how to move on the next task!


Secretary Liang looked at the photo on the mobile phone again. He needed to confirm whether Boss Qin was gay or not…