Chapter 339 - Friendly Match, Will They Win?

Chapter 339: Friendly Match, Will They Win?

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Because of the photos, the atmosphere between the members of Supreme Alliance was a little strange.

Especially Feng Shang, whose eyes were full of grief. He wanted to sue the captain, but didn’t dare to sue him.

“Sakura Stream’s combat video, who hasn’t watched it?”

Qin Mo was the person who broke the awkward atmosphere.

Count on Fu Jiu?

The youth only smiled evilly, which only made people remember more clearly why they felt strange.

Although Yin Wuyao was no longer in this circle, he was once a professional player, and would more or less pay attention to this matter.

The people who hadn’t watched the video were Xue Yaoyao, Feng Shang, and Fu Jiu.

“Everyone watch it again, and Lin Feng will be responsible for explaining it,” Qin Mo said, standing up. “Go to the Hotel Conference Hall.”

There was usually a Conference Hall in such a hotel, but it was very expensive to use.

But Secretary Liang was here, so of course it was arranged properly.

The members of the team were sitting on the two sides of the conference room. The scene looked very cool, like something that could only be seen in the movies.

Cloud Tiger skillfully turned on the computer, plugged a USB flash drive in, and projected the images onto a large screen in the conference room.

“The captain of Sakura Stream, Yamaguchi, who played against our captain in the past, is best at close combat. According to the work style of Sakura Stream Squad, they must also be in the middle of urgent training right now.”

“There are another two players that Lin Feng and I are familiar with. The ranking game is 5V5, so Lin Feng and I can deal with them.”

“This person is the most worth commenting on, Shuji.”

Everyone looked at the photo and raised their eyebrows. “It’s him.”

“Yes, it is the man we met in the training camp yesterday.” The expression of Cloud Tiger had no change at all. “He joined Sakura Stream Squad this year, but has already become a formal member. The murderous aura of Sakura Stream is so heavy this time, just because of his participation. This person is best at sneak attacks, and is filled with rage when playing his character. He is famous for his bloodthirst, so in this group match, we need to watch out for him coming out from the grass and suddenly attacking us.”

Someone couldn’t help but say, “His hand speed should not be faster than Little Spade.”

“Hero is not just about hand speed. It’s true that Little Spade may be able to avoid his sneak attack, but his speed is slower than his rivals. This is a 5v5 Ranking.” Cloud Tiger put down his pen and reminded everyone of the most fatal weakness, “Here is the video about Shuji’s sneak attack on others, let’s watch it. Because we are short on time, this is all we can collect for now.”

After saying this, Cloud Tiger clicked on the video.

The members of Supreme Alliance watched as two men on the main road who were about to attack were suddenly ambushed by a red figure who jumped up behind them. Then, that red figure went back and forth three times and quickly finished the double murder, while he himself was safe and sound!

People like him would be very difficult to deal with whether it was when attacking or guarding the city.

The members of the Supreme Alliance looked at each other.

And they saw the same thing in each one’s gazes.

The meeting room suddenly became quiet.

There was only one thought in everyone’s mind, and that was how to deal with this person once they met him.

Everyone knew that the friendly match tomorrow would be a tough battle that was not second in difficulty to even the national competition.

Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang felt even more shocked.

As two pure newbies, now they were understanding the true meaning of gaming.

Taking part in the Supreme Alliance really was just the beginning.

Would they win against such a strong team?