Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Stay in Contact, Young Master Qin Said, You Get in My Car Directly

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Back then, Fu Jiu had no idea that her small, trivial gesture would make Xue Yaoyao swear that she would protect this young man.

Because, he protected her…

Fu Jiu didn’t feel that she did anything so moving.

It was just that, if someone thanked her sincerely, of course she would receive it with the same sincerity.

Although she was indeed a person with good looks, she didn’t like for anyone to judge others based on their looks or figures.

What’s wrong with being a little chubby in one’s teenage years, that’s normal!

Holding that delicious bun in her mouth, she went back to her seat. Fu Jiu switched her phone on. She was going to search for some studying hacks for physics; after all, physics had always been a pain in the butt for her.

However, before she could open the webpage, five WeChat friend notifications popped up.

The first one was normal, like the sender’s style. “This is Qin Mo.”

The other four were… relatively normal.

She had successfully stimulated the other side of Almighty Qin into coming out.

Every other message was a cold “heh” with an extremely frosty tone.

Well, Fu Jiu admitted that it was her fault this time. Not cool.

But then again, that man didn’t say that he would add her on WeChat.

Fu Jiu paused and clicked ‘Accept.’

Thinking of their meeting today and their impending cooperation, she replied with a sentence: “I went to bed last night and didn’t have my phone. I just saw your friend request.”

After replying, Fu Jiu subconsciously started to wait for an answer.

But class started, and there was still no reply at all from the other end…

As cool as Fu Jiu was, she soon forgot about all of that.

The physics teacher was lecturing while Fu Jiu frowned.

Was she the only person who found this subject ill-designed for human beings to study?

Without her tablet, class seemed to take forever.

Once sunset came, her phone buzzed under her desk.

Fu Jiu took it out and saw a voice message from Qin Mo.

“In class, can’t listen to it,” she replied quickly and simply.

No response again.

Fu Jiu didn’t care.

After three minutes, Qin Mo replied, “Meetup location has changed, I will wait for you at the school gate. You should know that my car is easy to find.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

She did know, but she was not the only who knew; everyone at school knew that high-end Hummer.

Not mentioning Jiang City, you couldn’t find another in the whole three northern provinces.

That car and that red license plate all displayed his privileged noble status.

But if that was the case, she would have to get into his car in front of everyone…


Alright, dear Chen Xiaodong would go mad again…

“Okay.” She was fine with it.

Qin Mo tilted his head and saw the reply on his phone. He then sat up on his bed.

He had just woken up, and his bewitchingly dark eyes were still profound-looking. His white shirt was half open, and his manly, buff honey-colored chest peeked through. His electrifying v-line and every inch of his outline was lethally appealing enough that it simply made people’s noses bleed!

He tilted his head a little. His hair was perfectly trimmed, barely covering his eyes. Suddenly, he thought of something and replied again with a domineering tone, “Don’t switch off your phone.”