Chapter 340 - A Walk In the Snow

Chapter 340: A Walk In the Snow

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‘No worries, we’re gonna win!’

They still had Spade Z!

While they were thinking, Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang looked in Fu Jiu’s direction simultaneously.

Fu Jiu didn’t laugh this time. She looked at the screen. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

At this moment, neither Xue Yaoyao nor Feng Shang knew that Qin Mo had already decided not to let Fu Jiu compete in order to protect her eyes.

After watching videos of the Sakura Stream Squad competition, the whole atmosphere around the team changed.

That was a change started from the eyes, and made you become part of it without even realizing it.

When everyone was training, Fu Jiu wanted to play so badly. At first, she was just sitting there with a lollipop in her mouth.

Then, her eyes couldn’t help but look at the computer screen.

Qin Mo was sitting really far from Fu Jiu. He put his cigarette out and stood up, walking in front of the young man.

“Look up.”


“Time to apply medicine.”

Qin Mo was indeed a great big brother, carrying the eye drops with him all the time.

Even while applying medicine, Fu Jiu still tilted her head to look at the screen.

Qin Mo’s hand was still on the young man’s jaw. He didn’t say anything when he saw him tilting his head away.

Fu Jiu spoke up instead. She blinked harshly from the stinging caused by the medicine, with only one eye open: “Let me play tomorrow. Without me, I’m worried that we won’t be able to stop that Shuji.”

He had amazing hand speed. Not only that, most importantly, you couldn’t know when he would appear and attack.

In games, you could hide in the woods and nobody would see you.

In order to stop him, you needed both speed and positioning, and the key is knowing what the word ambush really meant.

Fu Jiu was a hacker. Compared to Shuji, she was even better at disguised attacks, which is why she could handle him.

Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent. “I will be there, don’t worry.”

Fu Jiu wanted to say more.

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. “What? You don’t think I can handle him?”

After hearing that, Fu Jiu laughed out loud. “Of course I do, I will be there cheering for my Brother Mo.”

Since when exactly had the two of them become so close to each other.

It was not long ago that their interactions were inflammatory and they couldn’t get along at all.

But now it looked like they knew each other so well.

The strong trust between them never needed an explanation.

It was just that Fu Jiu had regrets. “I thought that I could finally play side by side with Brother Mo, what a pity!”

The young man was smiling while saying this.

Qin Mo took the eye drops back. He slid one hand in his pocket while the other one messed with Fu Jiu’s silver hair. “You would be more believable without that interjection.”

This was how this guy always talked. It was very irritating, and it was impossible to know how he had managed to handle it all this time.

Because of his good looks?

Fu Jiu was indeed good looking, she curled her thin lips up and raised one of her hands, putting it on Qin Mo’s shoulder. “Brother Mo, look at my sincere eyes.”

“I only see the redness from the infection.” Qin Mo frowned. “You shouldn’t be indoors too much, let me take you out for a walk. Our goal is the national tournament, so if your eyes aren’t recovered by then, it will be really troublesome.”

Fu Jiu indeed shouldn’t be here. Looking at the computer screen hurt her eyes even more.

After Qin Mo said that, Fu Jiu understood the seriousness of the situation. She put her furry black coat on and followed Qin Mo out.

This time… Secretary Liang didn’t dare to follow anymore!

The air outside in Tokyo was really refreshing.

With the cold temperature and falling snow, everything looked really beautiful.

The two of them walked in tandem, creating an extremely heart-warming picture…