Chapter 341 - History Surfaced

Chapter 341: History Surfaced

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In the next second, Fu Jiu’;s steps paused and she stopped herself from moving forward.

The sunlight in the afternoon brought such warmth to people.

Some people on the business street looked up.

Some were surprised, some were laughing, and some were chatting.

“Oh my god, that was our number one.”

“The No.1 team of the entire server, my favorite Hoshino, so handsome!”

“I bought some side products of Hoshino the Great yesterday. I couldn’t help it, they were too cute, lots of them were even out of stock.”

“Did you just see that smile? My heart is shaking.”

The person who said that was the girl who stood next to Fu Jiu. She turned her head and saw a silver-haired young man whose level of handsomeness matched up with Hoshino’s, and she froze instantly.

Fu Jiu’s eyes landed on the big LED screen on the business street.

She knew that man.

She knew him so well that she stopped just now to look at him.

Qin Mo realized that the young man wasn’t behind him anymore. He looked back and saw him looking up with his left hand in the pocket. His eyes, which were focused on the screen, were so gentle.


Not just that, there were more emotions in her eyes.

What kind of person deserved such a serious look from him?

Qin Mo saw the screen too.

Hoshino, online gaming player who had emerged these two years, enjoyed incomparable popularity in Tokyo.

The reason why he was so popular was that he not only had great competition results, but also had great looks that could simply surpass that of a movie star.

“You know him?” This was Qin Mo’s first question.

Fu Jiu turned over, her silver hair falling down around her. “Nope, just thought that he was handsome.”

“Is that so.” Qin Mo didn’t continue on with this topic.

Fu Jiu laughed out loud. “In fact, I know him, but he doesn’t know me. I watched his games before, very good visuals.”

Qin Mo looked at the young man a bit more and said indifferently, “Got it.”

Almighty didn’t really believe her even though he outwardly agreed.

Fu Jiu knew that she had acted too obviously just now.

She had stopped because Hoshino appeared on the screen out of nowhere.

But, she didn’t plan on doing anything.

You have to move on with life.

Hoshino should be having a pretty happy life right now as well.

And that was enough for her to know.

She didn’t even touch all the bank accounts and cards from before, just to hide her identity.

Things needed to be taken care of one after another.

However, Fu Jiu didn’t know that her facial expression appeared different to an outsider’s eyes.

Qin Mo looked at the young man. He didn’t show any emotions on his face. It was only his fingers that subtly paused, and those long, narrow eyes weren’t at their usual temperature.

At last, they walked too far out, and had to get a car to go back.

But there was only public transportation in this area due to the road situation.

Tokyo trolley buses had central heating inside and were very clean.

But as long as it was type of public transportation, it would be crowded.

The view outside the bus continued to change.

Fu Jiu felt like she was squeezed inside.

And Qin Mo was even more not used to this kind of environment.

Fu Jiu was almost sure that this was the Almighty’s very first time using public transportation in his entire life.

Because she had been looking at that pretty, delicate face too long, an old uncle came on board and almost hit Fu Jiu.

Qin Mo acted quickly, pulling the young man in and pressing him completely onto his wide chest…