Chapter 343 - The Friendly Match Started!

Chapter 343: The Friendly Match Started!

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When Fu Jiu realized Qin Mo was looking at her, she immediately gave a crafty smile.

And then, her infected eye started to itch, so she raised her hand to rub it.

Qin Mo was faster than the young man. He grabbed his wrist, his side profile looking very pretty. “Don’t touch it, there are germs on your hand.”

Fu Jiu thought that such a small sickness was even more difficult to deal with then a dislocated arm.

If your arm was dislocated, you just put it back.

Eye infections… They needed time.

Qin Mo knew that young man couldn’t bear it, so he took the young man back to hotel while holding his hand.

This shocked Manager Feng, who had just arrived in Tokyo.

He could not figure this out.

But Manager Feng was smart, he knew when to ask and when not to.

Before an official game…

The big manager’s return gave such relief to the Supreme Alliance members, who had been gloomy the whole afternoon.

The second day.

The sky was a brilliant and attractive blue after the snow.

The location of the friendly match was the training building from yesterday.

Since it was a friendly match, there were no media members invited.

Only a few people who had inside information knew about this match.

A few online gaming reporters showed up.

Of course, they came to interview Sakura Stream, not a team that didn’t even make it to the Top Four in China.

“There will be no surprises in this game,” a reporter said while he was adjusting his camera, sounding a bit bored. “The other team doesn’t even stand a chance.”

The other reporter yawned, “It’s hard to say, there are still highlights in this game, such as Shuji’s performance. My boss told me already, asking me to cover more on that.”

Overhearing their conversation, another gaming fan shook his head in disagreement.

Reporters nowadays never did their homework.

Even though he was from Tokyo, he was not a Sakura Stream fan.

He was a fan of the Supreme Alliance!

Last year, the only reason the Supreme Alliance didn’t make it to the Top Four was that Almighty Qin couldn’t compete.

But this time was different, so it was too early to tell who was going to win.

“They are here!”

Those two reporters suddenly cheered up. Even their eyes started trembling with excitement.

Cameras shutters clicked non-stop as Sakura Stream entered.

Sakura Stream’s uniform design was very traditional. There was the team logo and a blossoming sakura graphic on the back of the pure white top.

The tallest player was their captain, Yamaguchi. He looked more like a basketball player with his height.

Shuji, who had the most shout-outs, walked in right after him. There was a red headband on his forehead, enhancing the bloodthirsty and evil expression on his handsome face.

As soon as Sakura Stream people walked in.

Everyone in the room for the game stood up.

This arena wasn’t big, but enough for more than a couple dozens of people.

There were many Sakura Stream fans. Their side was full of audience members.

In comparison, the opposite side from Sakura Stream appeared rather sad and quiet.

In Tokyo, it was normal for gaming fans to fly to another city to support their team.

You could easily think from the audience numbers that the other side was not popular.

They didn’t even have one hardcore fan willing to come.

However, they didn’t know.

The reason why there was no one there was that the Supreme Alliance always acted in such manner.

According to Manager Feng’s words, they charged money for every second showing Almighty Qin’s face.

How could he allow anyone to visit or shoot?

This was one reason, the other one was equally important…