Chapter 344 - Make Them Regret Coming To Japan!

Chapter 344: Make Them Regret Coming To Japan!

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The closer it was to the National Tournament, the more important it was to lock down the tactics.

Thus, Manager Feng simply blocked off the Supreme Alliance’s itinerary. All of China knew they were in Tokyo for training, but no one knew where the match’s location was…

“Tsk tsk, so sad.” That reporter couldn’t help but shake his head. He realized it might be a good headline too, so he took a picture of the other side’s auditorium with the sprinkled audience members sitting there.

“This creates a great contrast that shows the true power of Japan.”

As he was saying this, he heard noise and movement on the other side.

The long shadows created by the light stretched out in front of them as thirteen players walked out in perfect order.

They were each wearing the same uniform. There was a hood of pure-white fox fur on the noir coats, designed to look a bit like ponchos. This made them look like those dreamy knights that you could only find in a fictional world.

Which team would dress like this?

This over-the-top luxurious outfit?


Was money ever a problem for the Supreme Alliance?


Manager Feng smiled like an old fox, the kind of smile that carried daggers.

Qin Mo took the lead, with Fu Jiu was on his left hand side and Cloud Tiger on the right.

Everyone had his or her unique style, instantly creating an extremely handsome view, especially Fu Jiu’s silver hair, which was so handsome and eye-catching, not to mention the lollipop that rested casually on her thin lips.

Those two reporters on the other side didn’t expect such a strong presence from this team at all.

Especially the lead player, that exquisite aura of domination, imposed an indescribable power over all.

“So handsome!”

“This is the weak team from China? They don’t look weak at all.”

“Maybe good looks are all they have.”

“Very shocking good looks indeed, they could all be movie stars.”

“Good looks won’t change their destiny to lose.”

Boys and girls think rather differently.

In the gaming world, great techniques made one truly handsome, not good looks!

Shuji, who was standing up, saw Fu Jiu. He instantly around, first giving her a thumbs-up before slowly flipping it downwards.

His gesture drew a round of cheers from the audience.

“Sakura Stream…”


“Sakura Stream…”


Fu Jiu looked at his hand gesture among roars and cheers of the crowd. She put one hand in her pocket and didn’t looked annoyed by it. Instead, she curled her lips up, showing that she wasn’t affected at all.

Such an indifferent attitude infuriated people the most!

Shuji narrowed his eyes, pointed at Fu Jiu, and said to Yamaguchi, “Captain, give him to me!”

Yamaguchi didn’t know about their conflict yesterday, so he was surprised by Shuji’s request: “Sure, but remember, Qin Mo is our focus this time.”

“Qin Mo, the one who injured his hand,” Shuji said with disdain. “Captain can take care of him, let me put that one down first and join you guys for a group hunt on Qin Mo.”

Yamaguchi frowned: “Shuji, the Supreme Alliance is different from other teams that we have met before, don’t underestimate them.”

“You say this every time. I know you played against them before, but that was an old Sakura Stream, now…” Shuji licked his thin lips with a trace of evilness: “…now Sakura Stream has me. I will take them out one after another and make them regret coming to Japan…”