Chapter 345 - Qin Mo Took the Lead, Kill

Chapter 345: Qin Mo Took the Lead, Kill

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“Shuji looks angrier today than before.”

“Ha, it’s gonna be good! When Shuji is angry, even four people wouldn’t be able to stop him.”

“Did Shuji plan on having a killing spree? Can’t wait!”

The passion from the fans was unstoppable, but even with such deafening cheering, Manager Feng’s smile didn’t change a bit. He shook hands with the manager of the other team. “Shall we?”

The Sakura Stream manager was going to say a few more things and brag about their successes, or at the very least, have a little bit of small talk.

But Feng Yi’s words made him swallow his, in order to show his openness. “Yes.”

This was not an official match, so there were no one-on-one matches or doubles, only a five-on-five siege match.

Even if it was a friendly match, it followed international gaming rules.

In non-professional Hero games, each player could die countless times and revive by returning to the city.

But in professional games, each player could only die three times.

After the third chance was used up, one needed to leave the computer.

As for a siege match, the point was to conquer the castle.

If you stormed the other side’s castle, you won.

This was what made the Hero different from other games. It required great teamwork.

Shuji couldn’t sit still anymore. He put on his black cuff and stood up.

His eyes were focused on Fu Jiu in a death glare.

Fu Jiu laughed out loud and sat back in her seat. The way she held the lollipop in her mouth was very handsome and at the same time, screaming for a punch.

With Shuji’s flaming tamper, she lit him right up!

“Little Spade, what are you doing? Why are you exchanging looks with that person?”

Before Lin Feng went on stage, he wanted to tease Fu Jiu a little.

He wasn’t expecting such seriousness from Fu Jiu. “This one has a temper, annoying him would help us in game.”

“Don’t tease him by looking at him, go, tease him in game!” Lin Feng tried to help Fu Jiu up while speaking.

But Qin Mo’s indifferent voice rang out: “He’s not playing.”


Not only Lin Feng, even Yin Wuyao reacted in shock.

Little Captain was not playing?

Little Captain, who was so good at beating people up, was not playing?


“He has an eye infection. No games for three days.” Qin Mo looked regal as usual.

That intangible pressure of his never disappeared

Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao started to worry. Without Spade Z, their attack…

Cloud Tiger was more grounded. “Captain, who is playing then?”

“You, me, Lin Feng, Yin Wuyao.” And then Qin Mo said, “Xue Yaoyao.”

As soon as he said this, Xue Yaoyao was instantly in complete and utter shock.


Could she do this?

They still had so many other players in the Supreme Alliance.

Her… No one expected that the Almighty would pick her.

Qin Mo didn’t say anything.

Fu Jiu spoke up and extended her hand, fondling Xue Yaoyao’s head. “You are good at healing, so you are in charge of attacking and running back and forth on the outside road. When you see someone is dying, you heal. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine, you should be confident with Almighty Qin, ah.”

Every time the young man finished his sentence with a girly interjection, the corner of Lin Feng’s mouth twitched.

As Qin Mo looked at the young man’s action, his eyes cooled down. He didn’t say anything.

The commentators and judges were in position.

Qin Mo stood up indifferently, and with his beautiful face slightly tilted to one side, he pulled the zipper down with his right hand and his thin lips pursed, taking his coat off and throwing it to Fu Jiu.


Nobody else was as handsome as he was at that moment!