Chapter 346 - Fu Jiu Jumped Down

Chapter 346: Fu Jiu Jumped Down

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Baby Feng was asked to stay.

Before Almighty Qin left, he left Baby Feng with a very important task.

Which was to keep an eye on his idol and not let him rub his infected eye.

This was the Almighty being caring, only… Feng Shang thought this was a rather difficult task, especially… when he couldn’t control his idol at all!

“Idol, the Almighty forbid you from rubbing your eye.”

“The Almighty is competing, he would never know if neither of us told him about it.”

In fact, Fu Jiu wanted to rub her eye even more now out of nervousness.

It was not that she didn’t trust the Almighty’s abilities.

She was worried about the Almighty’s hands.


If the Almighty lost the game to Shuji today.

She would find an opportunity to kill Shuji by torturing him, over and over again.

Fu Jiu wanted to raise her hand again as she was thinking in her head.

Qin Mo turned his head at this moment. Those eyes were too deep to see through.

People who studied psychology were tough to deal with.

They predicted your moves before you acted.

Fu Jiu gave up, putting her hand down with an awkward smile. She went to grab the phone from Baby Feng, who was watching over it for the Almighty.

Feng Shang thought: …He was no match for his mafia idol, could someone replace him?

Fu Jiu only texted Qin Mo on her phone: “Brother Mo, don’t tell me you’re gonna turn around to check if I’m rubbing my eye in the middle of the game?”

Qin Mo paused, took his phone out from his pocket, and started to text back: “Behave yourself if you don’t want that to happen. Now give the phone back.”

Fu Jiu saw the Almighty looking at her, so she threw the phone back at Feng Shang with the lollipop hanging out of her mouth and laughed: “I told you not to give it to me, why don’t you listen.”

Feng Shang: …

Who took it away rudely just now, who?!

The Sakura Stream people realized Fu Jiu wasn’t coming out.

Shuji’s eyes changed instantly. He was furious: “What the hell is that?!”

He was speaking Japanese.

This didn’t affect Manager Feng at all. “What? This is our arrangement for today’s game. Little Spade is not competing.”

“Not competing?!” Shuji’s hands were clenching as if they were about to clasp. He prepared so much for today, and now he was told that Spade Z was not playing!

“Tell him to come down and play!”

Shuji was grinding his teeth, looking malicious!

The fans heard his words and started exchanging looks.

“What is going on?”

“No idea, Shuji looks really upset.”

“Did the other team do anything wrong?”

Shuji took advantage of the situation and laughed coldly. “You are just a rookie team, are you sure you can beat me without him? I’m telling you that I only want to play with him, so tell him to come down!”

Cloud Tiger understood Japanese, so he turned around coldly after hearing those words.

Yamaguchi couldn’t help it and yelled: “Shuji! Shut up!”

“Am I wrong?” Shuji tilted his head: “I know that Captain is scared of that Qin Mo, but he hasn’t played professional games for a year, how good can he be? I’m giving them a chance to win by asking that person to come out to play.”

Fu Jiu heard this, blinked her beautiful eyes, put one hand on the rail, and jumped right down from the audience section. Her black coat flew up with the wind, and she looked so cool that the audience couldn’t help cheering for her.

That was quite a height to jump down from!