Chapter 347 - War Time! The First Step of a Face Slap

Chapter 347: War Time! The First Step of a Face Slap

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Under the eyes of the public.

That young man, who looked like a vampire royal, had one hand in his pocket as he walked up to Shuji.

So bloodthirsty and brutal, like an avenger stepping right out of the darkness.

“That Qin Mo?” Fu Jiu tilted her head. Her eyes were freezing/ “Who gave you the right to call my brother in that way?”

Shuji wasn’t disturbed by it at all. Instead, he felt that his blood was boiling. “I see you are upset? If so, you come play in this game.”

“Me…” Fu Jiu paused and curled her lips up into a smile. “You wish. Honestly, I’ve dealt with people like you a lot, what makes you think I would compete with you? Is Sakura Stream a team of robbers? Forcing people to play is allowed here?”

Feng Shang: …Idol, trust me, nobody looks more like a mafia member than you do right now!

Fu Jiu spoke in Japanese, and that created an instant round of mayhem.

The manager of the other team approached. “No, we didn’t mean that.”

“Didn’t mean that? Then shut your players’ mouths and play.” Fu Jiu never allowed people to say bad things about the ones she cared about, especially when the Almighty never allowed anyone to hurt her. Whoever disrespected the Almighty was looking to get killed by her.

Qin Mo didn’t expect that the young man would have such a strong reaction.

Although the timing was not right.

He felt extremely happy seeing the young man get all defensive over him, without a reason. He strode over, playing with the young man’s hair: “There, go back and remember not to rub your eye.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

How on earth did the Almighty do it, even remembering to warn her about her eye right now.

Shuji was so angry now that his chest was heaving up and down.

Now, there was only one thought in his head, which was to beat every single member of the other team and make the young man regret what he just said!

As he was thinking, he turned over and sat down at his computer first, simply pulling out and putting the black headphones on.

The manager was relieved at this move, because he couldn’t control Shuji.

None of the Sakura Stream’s players made a sound.

They knew very well what kind of player Shuji was.

The other party thought that he was hot-tempered and wanted to upset him, but they didn’t know that the angrier Shuji was, the more passionately he killed people!

Compared to Shuji’s killing temperament, Qin Mo put on his signature indifferent and regal face. His long fingers slid over the headphones and held the mouse in a very beautiful gesture.

Inexplicably, one would think it was a chess piece that he was holding, not a mouse, and that he was facing a chess match.

He looked like a jade prince.

You would never expect such an inviolable person would exist in a modern world.

This was the first thought of the audience members on the other side of the auditorium.

Their second thought was that Shuji could kill them all sooner!

But this was different from the people on this side.

For those only two fans on the Supreme Alliance side, one of them was already feeling like his blood was boiling!

A year!

Almighty hadn’t play professional games for a whole year. Even it was just a friendly match, only those who had played games before would understand how exciting it was to see this live!


The game music rang out!

Logged in officially!

Everything was displayed simultaneously on the big screen!

“Here it comes!”

Two reporters held their cameras up.

Even the commentator felt extra nervous this time, and he didn’t know why.

Not to mention Xue Yaoyao, who sat to the side in front of the computer.

She realized that her palms were sweating.

But her eyes were steady.

This was the first match of the tournament, and this was her chance to prove herself!

“Attack initiated.”

Qin Mo said those two words in an indifferent manner, but his words carried significant power.

These words triggered the war!