Chapter 348 - Supreme Alliance Is Losing?

Chapter 348: Supreme Alliance Is Losing?

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There were three attack routes.

The left lane, middle lane, and right lane.

These five players were all professionals except for Xue Yaoyao.

Not to mention the stunning cast of the other team.


“Amazing speed!”

“Sakura Stream is gonna win for sure!”

Not only the reporters, but even the audience members were all thinking this way.

After all, you could easily tell from looking at the screen. Sakura Stream moved so quickly, and three of them were attacking the middle lane.

With just three or four strong strokes, they were almost at the crystal tower of the protected city, very fierce firepower!

“Falling, the tower is falling!”

Was it really falling?

People saw someone speed up all of a sudden, and run straight in this direction!

Those three Sakura Stream players weren’t scared at all.

They just didn’t expect that a dazzling stun would come out of nowhere.

The three of them were locked in place!

That person gathered all of his firepower and killed one with a sweep, which followed by an explosive headshot!

Cloud Tiger, double-kill!

“F*ck! Who is this person, how fierce!”

The audience was in deep shock.

However, nobody saw who released that secondary attack of that dazzling stun.

The Supreme Alliance people felt relieved.

But the situation didn’t get better or easier to deal with even after that double-kill.


Their bottom lane was being attacked!


Shuji, double-kill!


Which meant that Yin Wuyao and Lin Feng failed to stop him, and were both killed by Shuji?

The Supreme Alliance people’s hearts shook. Everyone looked nervous, their hands were clenching!

Only, in the next second!

Xue Yaoyao saw a line of words on the screen in front of her: “Your defense tower has been taken out!”

“Brilliant!” That commentator couldn’t contain his excitement and screamed, “Looks like Shuji’s hand speed has progressed these past few days! His attacking power is shockingly strong, now Supreme Alliance is really in trouble.”

Lin Feng didn’t think that he was going to die so soon. His eyes deepened, and he typed in the chat window: “This SOB retreated so quickly after a sneak attack, should we add one more on the bottom lane?”

“No need.” Qin Mo was the one speaking. Nobody expected that he would have time to chit-chat while fighting intensively on the front lines. “You two go, one in the front and one in the back, move along the grass.”

Lin Feng agreed and attacked the bottom lane after being healed back in the city.

“Shuji is gone.”

“Strange, he’s not in the bushes.”

At this time, someone shouted!

“He’s in the middle lane!”

Shuji was indeed in the middle lane, moving towards to Qin Mo purposefully, looking for a chance to sneak attack!

There was no way that Lin Feng would allow this. He sped up, blocking the attack with his sword and trying for a sweep!

“Sh*t, missed it!”

He was too fast and good with field fights, just like how he was introduced in the booklet.

With Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao paired up, they could only take half of his HP.

When Shuji attacked again, he was already completely healed!

Then, it was another sweep.

And a loud roar!

Shuji, double-kill!


The Supreme Alliance people’s faces had all changed!

Four lives, Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao had died twice!

One more time, and they were out of the game.

Which meant that five-on-five would become three-on-five, three players versus five players.

Then the match would be more difficult!

So this time… Supreme Alliance was destined to lose…