Chapter 349 - Supreme Alliance Captain Is A Weakling?

Chapter 349: Supreme Alliance Captain Is A Weakling?

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Luckily, they did well on the middle lane, and took out two of their defense towers at once.

They had to take one more defense tower out, then it was on to the the main city.

But Cloud Tiger’s HP was almost drained, barely hanging on with only a sad tiny bit of health left!

Whoever came along would take him out in a second.

If Cloud Tiger died again, then they would have lost five lives!

“The situation is bad for the Supreme Alliance.”

“Tsk tsk, this match might be boring for Shuji, the opponent is too weak.”

“Tell me about it.”

That reporter curled the corner of his lip up, and said with disdain, “What is their captain doing? How did he become Captain, when he is not even as good as that Cloud Tiger?”

“Didn’t Shuji say that his hands were injured?” The other reporter was more understanding.

“I don’t think it’s because of the injury, he’s just lame!”

The sound of conversations outside the arena was louder now, Fu Jiu remained calm as she sat in her seat. She rested her right arm on the back of the chair, held a lollipop in her mouth loosely, and didn’t rub her eye.

On the contrary, Feng Shang looked nervous. He wished so badly that he was playing and helping with the attack!

At this time, Shuji started to attack the second defense tower on their right lane.

Lin Feng was impatient and wanted to run over.

Qin Mo texted him right at this moment: “Don’t leave the tower, protect it.”

Meaning: no attacking.

Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao knew that they weren’t in good enough shape to attack.

They were just worried.

“What if Shuji attacked Captain from the side lane, not seeing us out there?”

Cloud Tiger was still healing in the city.

Which meant that only Captain and Xue Yaoyao were protecting the defense tower in the middle lane.

If Shuji went over, there would probably be another double-kill!

“Let him come.”

Three words said in an indifferent tone.

Even Yin Wuyao, who had never played professionally with Qin Mo, felt an indescribable passion after seeing those words.

Not to mention Lin Feng. His fiery eyes suddenly calmed down, and he ran back to defend the tower after killing a small monster.

In the meantime, Xue Yaoyao released a Cutting Kill, terminating one of the Sakura Stream members!

Shuji saw this, changed his path instantly, and ran towards Qin Mo’s direction for an attack!

“Looks like the other team is going to be wiped out.”

“You’re right, there is no use in killing only one person, Sakura Stream still has two players left.”

“Yo, are they running back now?”

“I really have never seen such a cowardly captain.”

On this side, the reporters were still chatting. On the other side, two Sakura Stream players were dashing towards Qin Mo.

Xue Yaoyao stood under the defense tower. She held the mouse tightly and wanted so badly to retreat.

But she didn’t forget that before they moved out, Qin Mo said to set the main attack on this road, so she couldn’t go back!

This scene made it look like the Supreme Alliance was being one-sidedly chased and beaten up.

Cloud Tiger was fully healed.

But what use did it have.

In such a short amount of time, he couldn’t make it all the way to support the middle lane.

“If I was a Supreme Alliance player, I’d give up. It’s too embarrassing to play further like this. I can’t see Shuji on the main lane now, he must be somewhere preparing for a sneak attack, getting ready for his big show!”