Chapter 350 - Qin Mo's First Movement of Hanging Beat

Chapter 350: Qin Mo’s First Movement of Hanging Beat

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“What is the captain of that Supreme Alliance doing? He can’t even beat a girl, how did he become a captain?”

“Exactly, even female players know to kill, not to just run around and do nothing.”

“Isn’t that what Chinese people do?”

The audience laughed about it as they were talking.

Two Sakura Stream players’ eyes became red from killing intent, dashing forward madly.

Yamaguchi was still on the left lane. He was about to stop them from rushing forward!

But he was too late.

Those two weren’t afraid, because Shuji was coming and they were determined to annihilate the entire Supreme Alliance!

“Simply looking for death.”

Fu Jiu said those four words.

There was a slight glimpse of a smile on the corner of her mouth. If you looked closer, you would see that she was craving blood.

Just as she finished speaking.

The three of them showed up behind Qin Mo.

Shuji was the last one.

The people in the front sent two big strikes towards Qin Mo!

Normally speaking.

Two strikes were enough to kill.

Qin Mo shooed away one of the strikes with a single movement in a second, then when the other came, he was already in defense mode.

How would the Sakura Stream members miss such a great opportunity.

In their minds, they thought that Qin Mo’s techniques sucked. Perhaps he hadn’t recovered completely, even his energy was pathetic.

Shuji didn’t care what reason the other side had, this kind of technique didn’t deserve to play with them.

He moved the mouse and sped up, wanting to kill both Qin Mo and Xue Yaoyao in a raging manner!

The Sakura Stream fans were all sure about their destined triumph, an absolute double-kill!

However, they didn’t expect that an underdog like Qin Mo would release the Spinning Shadow Blades move. In a split second, the whole area was covered in strong winds and glowing lights. That brightness filled the whole screen.

The two players closest to him had their HP cut down to half with his two moves.

Those two Sakura Stream members were shocked and started to run back instantly.

Xue Yaoyao released a super sweep, bang, double-kill!

Shuji didn’t retreat. He saw that this Supreme Alliance Captain only knew to turn around and do a sweep, nothing else.

Although the sweeps were quite effective, but for him they were nothing!

Shuji’s fingers were dancing on the keyboard, controlling his game character, stabbing right into Qin Mo’s face!

The narrator didn’t get to speak and the fans screamed out loud: “Is that person out of his mind? He was escaping like crazy and now he’s asking for death.”

Shuji narrowed his eyes and showed his mocking wish to kill on his corner of his mouth: “Rubbish, go die!”

Nobody could stop him with his speed!

That young man might do that trick, but others? Hehe…

“Shuji!” Yamaguchi couldn’t help screaming out!

But it was too late.

Qin Mo jumped up the moment the other party ran over. Even his silver war robe exuded a faded white glow, and instantly, a killing explosive strike was sent out!

Under dazzling special effects, people saw Shuji’s HP bar instantly have two-thirds of its health taken out!

“That’s alright! Shuji is fast with his hands, he can avoid it!” This was said by the reporter.

Fu Jiu sat there, and curled up the corner of her mouth: “Shuji is not the only one in the world fast with his hands.”


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