Chapter 351 - Three Thousand Knife Cutting Killed Shuji

Chapter 351: Three Thousand Knife Cutting Killed Shuji

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Fu Jiu tilted her head. With a lollipop in her mouth, she softly blurted out two letters.

K. O.!

The next second!

All people on site only heard a roar!

With a backhand movement, Qin Mo held the mouse with his right hand and pressed the button with the left one, after an intensified and good operation, he stabbed the long and shining sword rightly into the centre of Shuji’s character!

Such a strike was handsome, unruly and invincible!

All men were stunned to see this scene and their eyes were still in a state of unprecedented shock.

What the hell was that just now!

“Three Thousand Knives Cutting… It was the authentic Three Thousand Knives Cutting!”

A fan of the Supreme Alliance in the auditorium rose and cheered, whose loud sound almost broke people’s eardrums. This was enough to see how excited he was.

Three Thousand Knives Cutting?

What was that?!

People could hardly believe that Shuji had been killed in this way.

However, the screen there did show the symbol of a K.O.

They lowered their eyes. Seeing Qin Mo who operated before the computer, he looked so handsome that it made him seem like a fictional character. His headphones were over his pure black hair and the whole screen was filled with silver rays.

However, did you think that was all?


With his slender fingers dragging the mouse, the man turned around and ran forward.

After a loud noise was heard, the last crystal defense tower in the middle lane of Sakura Stream was… was destroyed!

“This-this… this…”

The commentators could not say a word!

How should they explain it!?

Aside from killing people, he also returned back and captured the city!

The members of Sakura Stream suddenly fell silent.

There were four members in the team who were still in the process of resurrecting.

Aside from Yamaguchi on the road, the other three team members felt numb everywhere, especially in their arms.

“What the hell was that?”

“Three Thousand Knives Cutting.” There came the low voice of Yamaguchi.

“Isn’t Three Thousand Knives Cutting a unique skill?”

That was what everyone understood.

They all knew that this was the unique skill that the team leader of the Supreme Alliance used to deal with them in their first fight. There would be three thousand silver lights shining, and they had all seen it.

But what happened next!

“Three Thousand Knives Cutting is a unique skill to Qin Mo, and it requires three targets for him to complete it.” This time, not only Yamaguchi’s voice but even his eyes became heavy.

There should be no time to talk, but Yamaguchi was also unable to dash to the middle of the road. That was simply courting death. Instead, there was hope of winning if they destroyed another tower at the start of the road.

But after listening to the Yamaguchi’s description, the three members of Sakura Stream were nearly all shocked.

Three targets… The team leader means… that this man had planned it all from the beginning.

First he killed them until they were only left with a drop of HP and let his team members behind him finish the killing, then he went to kill Shuji, and the last target was their defense tower?!

“What the fuck is Three Thousand Knives Cutting, it’s just luck!” Shuji was very unconvinced and his eyes were gloomy, “If I also have a teammate to help heal me, I can also keep attacking. If the healing can keep pace, then three targets? Heh, I will break his knife!”

With this, Shuji rushed out!

The other two members of Sakura Stream also could not believe that someone could plan so precisely, and they wielded their weapons and shouted, “I’ll go for healing.”

“And I’ll go to assist!”

The three men set off together!

And there was no time for Yamaguchi to stop them.

Fu Jiu laughed at that time, seeming very handsome and scheming, “So, this was the biggest flaw of Sakura Stream Squad.”