Chapter 352 - Hang Up And Beat, Kill Over All Team!

Chapter 352: Hang Up And Beat, Kill Over All Team!

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He completely didn’t trust Yamaguchi, instead giving disruptive commands and acting conceited.

People who didn’t know the situation would think there were two captains in their team now.

Perhaps this was the disadvantage of having a new guy seeking hegemony. He was too insolent, and the manager of Sakura Stream had no intention of disciplining him.

The Almighty had probably seen this characteristic of his opponents, which is why he could attack in this way.

However, when comparing skills in provoking people, the Almighty was greater and he clearly knew that Shuji was easy to rile up. But unexpectedly, in the field battles that Shuji was good at, the Almighty killed the opponent in the grass.

It could be seen that Shuji had lost all his judgment now.

As soon as he saw that Qin Mo turned around and ran away, he ordered immediately, “Chase him!”

But they didn’t notice that Cloud Tiger had already revived at this time.

Yin Wuyao and Lin Feng, who were in the right lane, also started to approach the middle quickly.

Immediately, they just formed a sort of circle on the two sides, left and right, as well as forward and back.

As soon as Shuji saw that the person they chased had disappeared, he noticed something was wrong and wanted to turn back.

But Cloud Tiger and Xue Yaoyao were already on their way. Cloud Tiger’s fierce attack had already been met by opponents. He used one big strike, and one of them immediately lost half of his HP.

The two men, who had only died once, thought that at this time Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao wouldn’t dare to attack them closely, and wanted to attack Cloud Tiger before turning back.

They had never thought that the opponents unexpectedly did not hesitate even a bit. The two people directly rushed towards them, stood in front of Cloud Tiger, and followed up with a big strike!


Immediately the two members of Sakura Stream Squad died.

Shuji was the first to notice the danger, so without any politeness, he directly jumped into the grass and wanted to ambush people from there. He would wait for Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao to come, then give a big strike to both of them in their backs.

Because it could be seen clearly that Lin Feng and Yin Wuyao had lost their HP, and Cloud Tiger went to kill their captain, it was best for him to stay here.

But to Shuji’s surprise, when he had just squatted down, swish, his back was impaled!


It was as if he were attacked in the way he had once killed others. Someone was hidden in the grass and stabbed him!


Shuji’s eyes turned red!

He moved the mouse and wanted to counterattack.

But it was useless.

Qin Mo used a beautiful orbwalk, then used the skill to freeze him, and started beat up the hanging figure.

Shuji had never suffered such shame.

The people in the Sakura Stream auditorium didn’t know what to say and everyone covered their mouths.

The two reporters knew they were great without saying anything.

Those fans who said their previous performance was in line with the Chinese style completely stopped!

They were embarrassing themselves, which was extremely painful.

However, Feng Shang did not understand. “Idol, why didn’t the Almighty give a critical strike to directly kill him? Why hang him up and beat him up a little over there? ”

Fu Jiu didn’t know either… If it were her, she would freeze him to directly kill him, saving more time.

But they very quickly got the answer.

Because Qin Mo printed one sentence slowly, “I’ll kill you like this, cool?”

There was originally a bit of HP. Maybe Shuji had the chance to escape, but bam! He rose from his seats!

He clenched his fists, and looked towards the Supreme Alliance’s side with dark eyes.

Qin Mo took the advantage of this time gap and moved his mouse——


The team was completely killed!

Fu Jiu looked at the scene, and seriously compared herself with the Almighty.

In contrast to herself, she thought that the Almighty was more shameless.

There was nothing special about her provocation just now.

It was no more real than the provocation of the Almighty.

He made people angry enough to drop the phone, taking the advantage of when the person was angry to kill him… It was very good, and it was the Almighty.