Chapter 353 - The Best Player

Chapter 353: The Best Player

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When seeing himself falling into sprays of the blood, Shuji’s face suddenly became red and white.

He didn’t understand why the other party wanted to kill him this way, letting him drop HP little by little.

But Manager Feng got some glimmering, after all he knew quite well aboutthe Almighty. According to the Almighty’s style, he would not kill people so slowly, except…

“Did this Shuji meet Boss Qin before?” Feng Yi asked his little brother,

There was a face of anger after Feng Shang stuttered what happened at the training ground that day!

After Manager Feng it, he understood instantly and said meaningfully,” Boss Qin was helping people to revenge.”

“Revenge?” Feng Shang didn’t get it. “But, but , it was my idol who won the game that day.”

Feng Shang slapped his little brother’s shoulder. “You are still too young.” Boss Qin would completely blame the cause of Spade Z’s eye inflammation on the people in the game, so he killed Shuji little by little, which obviously showed he wanted to beat him hard.

Matokazu knew that they would surely lose this competition.

He wanted to go back to defense, but only he brought back to life. He could not fight against five people’s attack.

Everyone alone in Sakura Stream Squad had a good ability than Xue Yaoyao, but their power was too disperse.

Five people attacked the city together, how could Matokazu fight back?

Especially Qin Mo changed his previous attack style. After seeing Matokazu, he didn’t even hesitate for a moment. First a dizziness, plus a big movement.

Then went back directly, and a remote critical strike again!

That fast hand speed was pretty beautiful.

Except the shining silver light, people could only see his short pause, and then moved forward with his sword.

Qin Mo directly ordered Yunhu who was beside,”Snipe.”

“Yes!” Yun hu never chattered. Risking to drop HP, he rushed in with a crit!

“Ah!” With the falling of Matokazu, Xue Yaoyao sent out a healing skill. All members of Supreme Alliance were full of HP instantly.

Five people made big tricks consistently, which directly destroyed the other party’s defense tower!


The letters symbolizing the victory with silver light horizontally covered the whole screen.

Shuji even didn’t have the second chance to come back to life, but looked at it with open eyes.

Matokazu’s right hand was like being shocked.

He originally thought he could at least insist on until other team members revival.

However, what he couldn’t expect was compared with the former Qin Mo who just came out, today’s Qin Mo was strong enough to frighten people.How could he make it and calculate so accurately?!

There was a complete silence in auditorium of Sakura Stream this time.

They could hardly expect such an ending.

As you know, Sakura Stream was the top four in the country.

How could it be defeated by a small Chinese team?

But it was the reality.

They had no choice but to believe.

And the same time, the MVP —Qin Mo was on the screen this time!

But then somebody was unconvinced.

“Though the Chinese team won, the MVP should be shuji, isn’t it?”

“He took two double kill!”

“That captain of the Supreme Alliance didn’t kill many people. How could he be the MVP?”

However, the next second, these people became silent voluntarily!

Because the war record of the other party was on the screen.

Triple kill,no death, ten assists!