Chapter 354 - Fu Jiu Achieved Total Annihilation

Chapter 354: Fu Jiu Achieved Total Annihilation

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Ten assists?!

When did this happen?!

How did not they notice it!?

And all team members of Sakura Stream only died twelve times altogether.

That was to say, ten of these times were related to Qin Mo!?

“Had the data gone wrong?”

Some members could not believe it any more.

But since one aspect of gaming contests was to specially broadcast the fight scenes of the most valuable player, everyone knew what had happened after Qin Mo’s operations were magnified on the screen.

And they came to realize once they saw it.

The reason that Cloud Tiger could achieve double kills so quickly at the very beginning was mainly due to Qin Mo’s stunning their competitors from the back, which shocked the players from Sakura Stream.

Not to mention that first clear of Xue Yaoyao was also due to Qin Mo.

The reason that people didn’t discover this before was because Qin Mo’s speed was too fast. Now, after the scene was being broadcast again, people realized how perfect Qin Mo’s operations were and how fast his hand speed was!

Under the dazzling silver light, with perfect technical positioning, every attack made a difference. How familiar was he with each skill that he could achieve such results?

The team leader of the Supreme Alliance who they had shouted at for only running away had actually done so many things before they found out the truth.

And the other thing that surprised people was that he had achieved zero deaths.

Moreover, he had never returned to town. Instead, only relying on the blood packets along the way and Xue Yaoyao’s healing, he knocked out all the competitors!

He was irrefutably the MVP!

Everyone shut up when they saw the results!

The facial expressions of the fans who intended to argue became noticeably stiff.

Shuji stood there with his head lowered, hands clenched tightly and lips pursed tightly into a line.

But now he didn’t deserve to be angry.

Because the apparent difference was obvious.

He did had achieved quadruple kills, but he had no assists.

But how about his counterpart?

Ten times!

Shuji had thought that the youngster was the best player in Supreme Alliance.

But it seemed that this was not true.

That man had just stood there from beginning to end with few words, while his side profile always looked handsome and noble.

He had thought he was just a soft-footed shrimp, so he didn’t pay any attention to the warnings of the team leader and had just forged ahead.


Never had Shuji’s heart felt so repressed. If he could do it over again, he wouldn’t be like that anymore.

What he regretted most was that he had looked down upon the man called Qin Mo!

The two reporters were speechless.

It was in such a heavy silence that each member of the Supreme Alliance took the headphones off and stood up.

People didn’t know if it was because of the fact that they wore the same uniforms, but they displayed a momentum that could achieve total annihilation.

When Qin Mo walked back, Fu Jiu was standing there with a smile tugging on the corner of her lips. Her left hand was hooked into her belt and her right arm was raised high.

Qin Mo also stretched out his hand.


They handsomely high-five.

That scene would only make people feel passionate.

Those who only watched could never feel the shock of those who had experienced it.

Until now, Xue Yaoyao’s palms were still sweating.

Many people said that the operations of the Almighty were excellent. However, she didn’t experience itl that much. After all, it was not available to her as a female observer. Even in the past, when she played games, she only thought that the Almighty was high in level and excellent in operations.

But now, her heart was still racing.

The beats couldn’t be suppressed for a long time.

Everything came from personal experience.

Almighty Qin’s every assist, every orbwalk, every returning defence, every strike and killing move could only be seen clearly by her.

So after the game, her fingers were all trembling not because of her timidity, but because of her past inferiority.

But… she had a firm belief.

She would stay in the Supreme Alliance, though many people were not optimistic about this industry.

Even she would suffer all kinds of ridicule, she would stay. Even if one day she failed, she would not feel regret over having such a reckless youth!

Compared with the solemn atmosphere in the Supreme Alliance, the atmosphere in Sakura Stream was rather stiff.

The agent probably haven’t come back to reality yet.

In his mind, he had thought it was just a small competition. They could defeat the other party easily.

But the result.

It was so embarrassing to say such a thing out loud!

The agent lost his temper and walked to the front of Yamaguchi, roaring,”How did you become the captain? Or is it because you are old, so your hand speed can’t keep up with? If you are not good enough to be the captain, let Shuji be it. Look at your battle record. Have you even killed one person?”

Yamaguchi didn’t say anything. But when strands of his hair dropped down, no one could clearly see the expression on his much too solemn face.

Listening to the lecture, Fu Jiu lifted up her eyebrows subconsciously.

As the surrounding was too quiet, every sentence that agent said was clearly spread to everyone’s ears.

As the agent for their team, Feng Yi looked at this side.

That agent didn’t intend to stop. “I have said before that Shuji should be the captain. But you, you said it was not the right time. Now look at the result. You can’t even defeat a small team. Yamaguchi, I am now officially notifying you that you are not qualified for the position of the captain of the Sakura Stream. I will report this to the club. If you insist on being stubborn, then I will have to ask the manager to come and kick you out from the team directly, which is also for the development of the team. After all, your age is not suitable for playing.”

Hearing that, Yin Wuyao felt familiar emotions.

Once upon a time, he was also treated like this.

“You are too old. Why do you still play e-sports? Look at yourself. Can you still make money?”

Originally he thought he had forgotten it all.

Actually, the hurt that was hidden deep inside the heart would all come out as long as someone mentioned it a little.

Why said you couldn’t play e-sports when you grew old?

There were many reasons for the loss of a game.

But shouldn’t the question be how to make yourself stronger?

Yin Wuyao didn’t dare to turn his head back. He was afraid that once he turned around, he would see the himself of the past.

These things that couldn’t be deeply understood by anyone else could only be understood by himself.

Yamaguchi, who was a player he respected so much, couldn’t escape the fate of being abandoned… and could do nothing about it.

However, at this moment, Qin Mo took back his hand all of a sudden. He straightened up again while saying four indifferent words: “It was not him.”

One was cold and indifferent, and the other had an evil smile.

“Are you sure he is the reason for losing the game?”

They were the big captain and the little captain.

When Yin Wuyao lifted his head suddenly and looked over here, Fu Jiu and Qin Mo, these two, had already walked in front of the agent of Sakura Stream…